How to Not Rot your Teeth

Think the most frightening part of Halloween was the creepy middle-aged men staring at inappropriately dressed 22-year-old girls?  Well turns out the very real threat decaying teeth becomes even more prevalent when exposed to excessive candy (or Crystal Meth in the case of Lindsay Lohan). 

We checked in with Dr. Singh, founder and CEO of Arch Dental to get his top five tips to safely enjoy Halloween treats.

1. Choose candy that melts quickly and can be eaten easily. The longer it is in your mouth the more exposure your teeth have to plaque.

2. Have a glass of water after eating candy to wash away the sugar and neutralize the acid.

3. Avoid grazing on candy; it increases the time sugars are in contact with tooth enamel. Plus unless you are aware of your portion size, suddenly you’ll reach into the bag and find it empty (SCARY!!)

4. Have a treat with or after a meal, followed by a thorough tooth-brushing.

5. Time is of the essence when it comes to teeth and sugar. If not removed by brushing, or swishing with water, sugar from any source can increase the likelihood of cavities.


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