What do you do when the person you agreed to live with is not the person who is sharing your apartment?

Here is an unfortunate statistic, almost every one of my friends has a roommate, and 95% of them wish they didn't. It's not that we didn't know what we were getting into, rather people change.

In college, we have virtually no responsibilities. Sure you have to stop drinking so you can study on Sunday, but worse comes to worse, study during the week.

When you are trying to make a good impression at your first job, that “put it off” mentality goes out the window. So what do you do, when you have to get up early in the morning and your roommate and her boyfriend are having a party in the living room? (*note: you live in nyc, ergo living room = your bedroom + fake wall.)

Don’t be scared of your friend. Although girls HATE talking about money, it is important to get to air these issues. Just because someone is paying more does not mean you are indebted to their generosity. Everyone’s monetary situation is different and just because you pay different amounts shouldn’t mean you are doing all the sacrificing. Don’t allow yourself to feel taken advantage of, because that will only lead to resentment. You will ultimately create a hostile environment in your home and tensions will rise until you can’t walk into you home without that feeling of dread in your stomach. Also, pushing her hairbrush off the sink so it accidentally drops into the toilet will only make you feel better temporarily – and just think of how she’ll pay you back!

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