About Me

After I graduated college, I proudly stood on the stairs of Alumni Hall and gazed into the horizon contemplating my endless opportunities. With a college degree in my perfectly manicured hand, there was no chance I wouldn't kill in an interview.  I was thinking I would need to be strategic when I turned down jobs, after all I didn't want to burn any bridges...

Fast forward to reality.  Turned out, there are hundreds of me (well not as well-coifed or composed) applying for every position, any activity that costs more than $100 causes me to overdraw on my paltry bank account and the NY dating scene - do guys really believe this is what girls want?!

As a senior in college, I was at the top of the world.  Somehow I had fallen into an impoverished life of indentured servitude where I was forced to stay at work until 11PM to unpack boxes in 5 inch heels (goodbye manicure!) for less than $20K a year, siiigh, where had I gone wrong?

Over the next few years, there were times when it was tough, but there were more times when it was awesome. Now I'm set in my career path, have the man of my dreams and, when I'm not paying for my shopping habit, I have coin left over to go to some amazing parties, restaurants, exhibits - the best NYC has to offer.

This can be your story too. Consider me your cool older sister who has expert advice (and great shoes) to help you Fake It 'Til You Make It on your way to the top.

Love Always,
Lindsay Star