For many 20-somethings, life after college seems to promise fulfilling careers, financial stability and satisfying relationships. You grew up believing you could conquer the world, so why does it now feel like you are struggling to get the life you dreamed about?

The truth is, while college may have been a valuable experience, afterward a cruel economy mixed with bitter reality leaves many feeling unprepared for the road ahead. There is a significant letdown when you realize the skills you acquired during these formative years do not translate into a rewarding future.

During this transition, 20-somethings feel overwhelmed, confused and trapped in a period of semi-autonomy. As part of Generation Y-Me (why me!?), these in-between years are fraught with unrealistic expectations and insecurities. Instead of wasting time wishing you could fast-forward this chapter in your life, become proactive about seeking contentment and satisfaction as you navigate this complex journey. 

Regain control by joining a community of smart and ambitious young women that share similar concerns. The purpose of this group is to help individuals develop strategies to learn how to manage new expectations, resolve internal conflicts and strengthen their sense of self to maximize personal and professional satisfaction. This 6-week program fosters empowerment strategies to strengthen your inner confidence and provide clarity on where your chosen path is headed. 

Reclaim your influence over your life by learning transformative tactics to tackle your 20s.

The deets:
The info is below, screenings for the summer session begin in a few weeks (group will run in the evening, but exact day is TBD). It's $180 for the 6-weeks (which is less than a package for spinning classes in NYC).

For more info, or to sign up contact LORRINGER@GMAIL.COM

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