Easily Transform Yourself into a Sexy Seductress on Valentine’s Day (night)

It’s easy to get caught up fantasizing about a romantic Valentine’s Day. This time of year you can hardly walk into a drugstore without being barraged with hearts, cupids and pink & red chocolates. If you really want to make this Valentine’s Day unforgettable then skip that commercial merchandise and prepare for a night of real memory making.

All you need for a night of passion is a willing partner, some full-bodied wine, and a sultry, sensual style. While we can’t help you with the first two, we have tried-and-true tips to ensure maximum impact on your image.

Tantalizing Tresses
Transform your hair into a Victoria’s Secret style by adding a touch of sexy to your look with added length and fullness. RPZL Clip-in Extensions offer a natural, fuller, longer and healthier hair looks with the flick of a clip. These easy to use extensions bolster your naturally glam style and instantly deliver dramatic results.
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Perfect Pucker
When it comes to an unforgettable Valentine’s Day, it’s your lips that seal the deal. We are majorly crushing on 100% Pure Lip Caramel. This gloss delivers intense, deep color without the toxins or chemicals found in other lip products. It glides on the without leaving any sticky residue and actually nourishes your kisser with lip softening pomegranate oil and cocoa butter. Looking like a siren without taxing your health, sign us up!
$25 at 

Get Nailed 
Treat yourself to the perfect mani before Valentine’s Day with Hello Kitty by OPI. Hello Kitty® is a pop icon with fans ranging from four to forever, and she is OPI’s newest muse. Hello Kitty by OPI celebrates all things happy, cute, colorful and sweet with these limited-edition nail lacquers and matching GelColor shades.
$9.50 at 

Ignite Bliss
Set the mood with a sexy candle. We love relaxing scents that help us shed the stress from the day so we can focus on Valentine’s Day night. That’s why we are hung up on bliss’ new line of spa-inspired candles with a soy-based wax and satin finish. This long-burning light is offered in a variety of mood enhancing scents that include Eucalyptus Mint, Ginger Flower, Grapefruit & Currant, Vanilla Lavender, Cucumber Water, and Lemon Verbena. Ignite some bliss and turn the lights down low, then get ready for whatever happens next.
$13+ at

Wintertime SOS (Save Our Skin!)

For a long time there’s this difficult wintertime dilemma – hydrate skin with questionably healthy products or suffer through the season. We’ve finally found a salutation to this problematic predicament and the answer is 100% Pure. For those who need a reminder, this entire brand is healthy, pure, organic and all natural. Keep in mind our skin absorbs every little thing we put into it, so keep that in mind when you apply your favorite big brand moisturizer that’s loaded with harsh chemicals, synthetic fragrances and damaging toxins.

As an especially happy bonus, they’ve now expanded into cosmetics, beauty products and skincare. 

We’ve highlighted a few of our favorite products from the brand that help our chapped skin recover from the bitter cold or overdrying office heat that plague this season. 

Lip Caramel - $25 
Chapped, peeling lips do not have to be an automatic side effect of the season. Take back your mouth, and add some glam with this gentle, yet richly colored collection. These glosses were created for intense, deep saturation of gorgeous colors colored from fruit, root and achiote seed pigments in a base of lip softening pomegranate oil and cocoa butter. Swipe on some caramel and stand up to the cold. 

Ginseng is a highly anti-aging, skin revitalizing root packed full of phyto-nutrients. Ginsengs increases collagen production for firmer, more elastic skin. The mask material ""hydrogel"" is composed from 95% organic aloe water) and 5% plant cellulose made to intensely hydrate. The longer you leave the mask on your skin, the thinner the hydrogel mask becomes because the water gets absorbed. The hydrogel assists in delivering active ingredients onto your skin. 

Sheer, healthy, hydrating makeup evens skin tone and conceals imperfections. Gives you a flawless complexion while making you look like you're not wearing any makeup at all. Concentrated with anti-aging red wine resveratrol and alpha lipoic acid. Infused with skin soothing calendula, aloe and green tea. 100% Pure formula contains no synthetic chemicals, artificial fragrances, chemical preservatives or any other toxins. 

Anti-inflammatory, caffeine rich green tea and coffee improves the appearance of puffy under-eyes, and brightens dark circles. Concentrated with potent anti-aging vitamins, antioxidants, and nourishing rosehip oil to make eye area appear more awake and more youthful. Truly, 100% Pure. 

Organic Rose Water Skincare collection – available soon 
During winter, everyone’s skin becomes a little more sensitive, which is why no chemicals or harsh detergents become even more important. Roses have been used for centuries for their anti-inflammatory ingredients like calendula and chrysanthemum, all of the ingredients come together to make sure that sensitive skin receives the moisture, hydration, and essential nutrients it needs, while still being gentle enough to address any inflammation.

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What to Get the Guy Who Has Everything?

Looking for a last minute holiday gift for a guy that demonstrates thought, intimacy, and an opportunity to create decadent memories? Get ready to be transported with Arquiste perfumer. 

Just in time for the holidays, this fragrance brand launched a new candle collection that was curated by an architect specializing in historic preservation, welcoming scents that evoke moments in history. Your olfactory will be awakened to places like Mexico City 1695 or St. Petersburg or Russia 1837. It is the perfect gift for a sophisticated man in your life who seems to have everything. 

These luxurious candles can be experienced at the adorable new perfumery location at 7 Greenwich Ave. This luxurious shop is a welcoming spot to warm up from the cold (or cool down from this weird warm haze), and snap up some beautiful holiday gifts.

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How to Fake A Korean Semester Abroad for Your Skin

A healthy, dewy glow is synonymous with the Korean Beauty trend. This practice of a clear, radiant complexion is marked with ancient secrets and insider tricks. We caught up with Charlotte Cho, author of the Little Book of Skin Care to learn how to unlock the ageless secrets for flawless Korean skin.

The Top 5 Tips Found in the Little Book of Skin Care
  • The importance of a double cleanse
  • Exfoliate everywhere, not just the face
  • A decadent pampering routine should begin at home
  • Know your skin type before selecting your skincare lineup
  • The “no-makeup makeup” look is an easy way to achieve radiant skin without looking overdone

To help her loyal fanbase select the right products, she also launched Soko Glam, a thoughtfully curated lifestyle and Korean beauty e-commerce destination. You can get the best of the East without bucking over hundreds for a plane ticket. This site provides a personal approach to skincare and offers tutorials, tips and recommendations at all price levels.

We want to hear about your fave Korean beauty products, share your story and tag #MissFakeItKoreanBeauty

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Arch Rivals – Take Your Brows from Boring to Soaring

Nothing makes a more dramatic impact than lifting a perfectly plucked eyebrow. You can speak volumes without ever opening your mouth.  As with every dramatic performance, most of the impact happens behind the scenes. When it comes to your brows, the magic happens in front of the makeup mirror.

The trick for full, flawless brows is to let the individual follicles grow in, then gently tweeze away strays, and fill in any gaps with a matching pencil.  We are giddy over the latest brow collection from It Cosmetics.  They just introduced a new line of Brow Power Super Skinny Universal Waterproof Brow Pencils ($24).  This innovation was created with plastic surgeons and infused with brow-enhancing biotin, collagen, peptides and antioxidants.

It’s an incredibly addictive addition to your daily makeup regimen. The pencil tip is 1.4 mm – mimicking the width of real brow hair – allowing for precise shaping and seamless blending. The innovative formula comes in 7 transforming shades and easily builds thick powerful arches.

Get ready to get noticed and make a statement without uttering a word.

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What’s a Quick Fix for Irritated and Bumpy Skin?

Ever wonder why the change of seasons results in irritated and congested skin? Well the answer lies in your biological response to Mother Nature. Part of your complexion is responding to the unregulated heat being pumped through buildings, while the rest of your face is fighting the blasts of cold as you walk out into the street. The issue is further complicated by the drastic shift in weather as warmer winds attempt to return and grasp on to mild temperatures as long as possible. 

As a result your skin is in a perpetual state of confusion, becoming over dried one minute, then pumping up increased oil production the next. 

So you ask, now what can I do to balance my skin? 
On days our skin needs some extra attention, we turn to X Out® Acne Wash-In Treatment. It’s a multi-tasking skin remedy that can be used as a cleanser, leave-on spot treatment or quick 10-minute mask. It didn’t over dry our skin and we saw results after the first application. You don’t stuffer through Fall until your skin catches up with Winter. 

Anything we can do to prepare for winter? 
Coming in December, get excited for an innovative cleaning device that puts a new spin on clean skin. X Out Xtra Clean Brush is an electronic spinning brush that blasts dirt and oil off the surface of your face, leaving pores clean and refreshed. You can use it with your favorite cleanser to help balance your skin, while amping up your regiment for maximum efficacy. 

Take back control without a trip to dermie and for more info, visit:


Going Glam for Good: the Fight Against Breast Cancer

June and her daughter Rochelle

About 1 in 8 U.S. women (about 12%) will develop invasive breast cancer over the course of her lifetime. We cannot sit by idly and let our mothers, sisters and selves become victims of this tragic disease. Many influential women have joined the fight and research is making impressive breakthroughs in treatment and survival rates.

We caught up with June Jacobs, a breast cancer survivor and the creator of her eponymous skincare line, to learn about her contribution to the cure and how to use glam for good.
Jacobs experienced her own personal battle with radiation dermatitis while undergoing treatment for breast cancer. Determined to calm her physical discomfort, and help other women experiencing similar issues, she was inspired to develop Rapid Repair Healing Cream ($60).

She challenged her lavatory scientists to create a soothing salve to solve her irritation. These experts surpassed her expectations and developed a face and body treatment that helps ease irritation, reinforce the skin’s barrier protection, repair uneven textured skin, provides free radical protection from external assaults promoting healthy looking skin and provides up to 24-hour moisturization.

Women undergoing cancer treatment have enough to deal with, so when it comes to resolving discomfort, every little bit helps. This luxurious lotion helps solve skincare woes, and albeit temporary, it provides a relaxing escape from the stress of the disease.

During the month of October, 25% of the net proceeds from every product purchased will be donated to The Anne Moore Breast Cancer Research Fund and 25% goes to Dubin Breast Center.

If you or anyone you know is suffering from breast cancer, brighten their day and scoop up a bottle at


How to Spiff-up your Little Girl’s Back to School Style

We know it can be difficult for your little munchkin to say goodbye to summer.  We have a fun twist to make the return a little more glamorous.

We had a glitzy introduction to the new CONAIR Quick Twist, a battery-powered styling tool to instantly create twists and braids for all hair types. It’s so easy, even dad can get in on the fun.

Plus the package includes 40 anti-slip mini elastics, 2 silky ribbons and 10 hair clips to enhance your purdy girl’s unique look.

The styler is so easy, you simply insert the hair strand, push the button to twist and rotate into a style – BOOM, done!

Start the morning off on the right foot, no fighting allowed, and beautiful hair guaranteed. 

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Check it out in action:

How To Beat Heat-Rage

As the temperature skyrockets, tempers too begin to sizzle. While there is no escaping the insufferable heat, you can keep your cool by turning down your internal agitation sensor with these tiny tweaks:

Salvage Your Style SNAFUs
The worst offenders are underboob and sideboob sweatage.  These two problem areas collect perspiration and bacteria leaving your summer frocks flooded with pools of stinky sweat.  Solve this summertime woe by minimizing skin on skin contact. A quick fix to eliminate sleevage and ill-fitting undergarments is Warner’s No Side Effects Front-Close Underwire Contour Bra.  This over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder keeps your tatas in place – read: pulled up, away from your ribcage – without overstuffing them in your t-shirt.  It’s especially comfortable because the front closure frees you from trying to contort yourself into your brassiere. Saving you a few extra calories, and a few more sweat-free moments.

Convinced You’ll Melt on the Pavement?
Then avoid the great out doors by booking beauty services at home. We cant get enough of Stylisted, a digital platform that allows you to book on-location hair styling and makeup appointments from a network of vetted beauty professionals.  We like it better than some of the other at-home glam options, because we can choose our own stylists based on their portfolio – not just a set menu of looks. Plus, you can work with your hair stylist or makeup artist to customize your look, and feel confident that you are getting a seasoned, talented professional because you can stalk their work and pick who you like best to come to you.

Distract Yourself Beautiful
Allow yourself to get caught up in thoughts other than obsessing about the heatwave.  Try a project like an at-home facial to distract yourself from boiling thoughts, while giving your skin a calming treatment.  Celebrity facialist Joanna Vargas has a recipe for an Aloe / Lime Facial Mist that will keep you cool and refreshed. Begin with 3 tablspoons of organic aloe, juice from ½ of a lime, ½ cup of water. Then mix all the ingredients into a bowl and add to a spray bottle and store in the refrigerator. Every time you have a negative though about the heat, just spritz away and resume an invigorating serenity.

Tweet us (@MrsBeautyExpert) your tricks to beat the heat and you can be eligible to win a collection of beauty products to save you from these terrible temperatures. 
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