Self-Care for the Mommy Sect

As a new mom you learn to prioritize your day around your baby. Unfortunately, this often means sacrificing self-care activates in favor of scraping ketchup out of your kiddo’s hair. Before you go too far down this path, consider that if you get too exhausted and wear yourself down to the point that you can no longer helm the ship, your family may be headed for a wreck. So, what to do? The answer is make the most of each moment, which means multi-tasking skincare products are now your best friend. We have a three-step routine to wash away stress and grime, leaving you feeling physically and emotionally refreshed.

Don’t give up schlepping your stroller to the park because the sweat makes your makeup run and t-zone breakout. Instead, remove dirt and cleanse your complexion with It Cosmetics Miracle Water. It is a 3-in-1 anti-aging tonic that purifies, brightens and moisturizes without stripping skin of essential nutrients. There is no better feeling than tucking your little one into bed, then retiring to the bathroom for a 5-minute pampering session. Simply pour several drops onto a cotton round to nourish your skin without rinsing. For a fun bonus, toss it in your diaper bag and share a swipe with your mom friends – you’ll become the most popular mommy on the playground.

Tackling tough skincare issues means relying on your rich, luxurious knight in shining armor. No, we aren’t talking about your hubby, we’re talking about night cream. It’s no mystery why some people awake with flawless skin, the solution is in the SecretSauce (from It Cosmetics). This moisturizer instantly hydrates skin while deeply absorbing powerful anti-aging and restorative ingredients into your parched cells. You may not have time for facials or peels, but this results-driven brand reports that 94% of participants in a clinical study, said their skin looked radiant, healthy, soft and smooth.  

One of the most annoying pieces of advice that I received before my baby was born, was to “get as much sleep as you can NOW, because after the baby comes you won’t be sleeping soundly for the next 18-years...” As a mom and psychotherapist, this is not a funny situation to normalize. Among the many benefits your kids will get from sleep training – like structure, consistency and well, sleep – you are demonstrating a valuable lesson in self-worth. I’m not here to debate the merits of sleep-training, but it is of critical importance to prioritize sleep. When it comes to the hierarchy of needs, until your basic needs get met (i.e. sleep, food, water, etc), you cannot begin to address your needs for safety, psychological security, and becoming a self-actualized person. Translate this information into any action that ensures a restorative sleep on a regular basis.

Make the most of your day (and night!) so you can be the best mommy possible (spoiler alert: perfection does not exist!)

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