Sham Glam: Faux-Glow

Tanned bodies appear thinner, younger and healthier, but the dangers from the sun and tanning beds (gasp!) can quickly turn a summer glow, into a wrinkled sack of leather…and not in a good way like this season’s rich, luxurious Matelassé bag from Miu Miu...  I digress, but as always, we are here to save your summer with the hottest beauty buys for a natural sunkissed radiance:

Bronzers with Benefits

How does Queen Latifa maintain her sun-kissed brilliance on a scorching day?  The answer is easy (breezy), and obviously CoverGirl’s TruBlend Naturally Luminous Loose Bronzer ($6.99 at  No matter your skin tone, this lightweight powder enhances summertime color with a shimmery glow.  The formula features translucent minerals that blend easily for a flawless complexion while reducing the appearance of sunspots.  So, instead of schvitzing in the sun, get a natural kiss of color with CoverGirl.


When creating the ultimate magical getaway, the French have it right: macaroons, yachts and romantically chic fashion, but if you aren’t spending August on the Rivera, then we have another French innovation that is sure to inspire some summer lovin’.  Clarins new Instant Smooth Self-Tanning is the French beauty secret for perfectly smooth and glowing skin.  Use daily to illuminate the face and décolleté for a made-to-measure natural-looking glow that will have you saying, “oui, la, la.”

Win the Battle of the Bulge

Ever wonder how Kim Kardashian’s flabby frame looks tight, toned and tan on the covers of magazines?  Has she carved out time in her busy schedule to hit the gym?  Probably not.  It likely takes a village of stylists, makeup artists and spray tan specialists to paint on her six-pack, so now, instead of wasting your time trying to recreate that effect, the experts at Fake Bake’s have brought us Lipo Bronze ($21.99).  This self-tanner contains a patent-pending formula that measurably diminishes cellulite for smoother textured skin.  The line is derived from nutrient-rich botanicals that tighten skin for a more youthful, firmer, sexier appearance.  Whether you need a little TLC on your tummy or tush, Fake Bake is the real deal.

Bronze Voyage

Craving an exotic escape but too broke book the trip of a lifetime?  New for summer, Sue Davitt’s Gel Bronzer SPF 40 ($38 at will give you that fresh from the resort radiance to give your Facebook fans something to gab about.  The gel based bronzer glides on seamlessly for a gorgeous exotic glow without any of the sun damage from a summer on a yacht in St. Tropez.  This product is fortified with an added benefit of SPF 40 and is packed with nourishing ingredients like antioxidants, Algae Extract, Babao Seed and Sunflower Oil, to prevent collagen degradation.  So slip on caftan and designer shades and enjoy the best vacation you never took.



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