How to Make a Hurricane Fun

The city is going into survival mode preparing for the wrath of Hurricane Irene (even Anderson Cooper is taking precautions).  For those of us looking to enjoy one of the last weekends of summer, don't let the story put a damper on your fun.

Ironically, we've become so dependent on electricity, that if the power goes out we won't even be able to charge our kindles!

Calm the anxiety, we have some indoor ideas to keep you occupied even if the lights go out...
Breakout the Boardgames
Remember when you were young and a new boardgame would keep you busy for an entire afternoon?  We'll this throw back activity is sure to awaken your inner child and keep you entertained the old fashioned way.  If you are playing with: finance colleagues, we recommend Monopoly...girl friends --> Pictionary...mixed group --> Scrabble.  These classic games can be a reality check--or just a fun time.

Cooking by Candle Light
Go back to the caveman days and bake some treats without any appliances.  You can make rice krispy treats by candle light (part romantic, part delicious), just this recipe and melt the butter via your candle flame.  Then spend the afternoon molding, decorating, and eating your creations.
Romp in the Sheets
This really doesn't need an explanation, but goes without saying...if you and your man are alone in the dark...go for it!

Check back every few hours and we'll continue to update as we come up with good ideas, or just add your own in the comments section.

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