How to Snack Your Way to the Top

During your time of transition - whether you are stating a new job (…or moving into a new apartments…or hooking up with a new boy toy) - it is the perfect time to introduce new healthy eating habits into your life. 
At the office, lunches are easy to tackle (salad are usually a safe way to go), but if you are a serial muncher (or like us, a cereal muncher) then always be sure to stock some guilt-free snacks in your desk.
Even if there is a small communal fridge, you don’t become the girl who hogs all the space with her piggy-pickins (and as Larry David learned in “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” never give up a shelf in the office kitchen!)  So, we’ve got a business plan for guilt-free boardroom snacking, that will satisfy your Big Apple-tite as you begin your climb up the corporate ladder.
*Note: all these snacks are smell-proof.  When working in close quarters, never bring in fish (which includes all types of tuna), eggs, or foods that cause your colleagues to wonder if someone farted or if it’s your lunch that is stinking up the joint.
Raising the BarStock up on snack bars with lots of protein and fiber -- these are hunger-fighting machines. I love FiberONE bars and Special K bars because they are low in fat (high in fiber) and satisfy my sweet tooth.  Be careful of “meal replacement bars” that are shockingly high in calories and fat – plus they are usually pretty small (for a meal) leaving us craving a piece of cake at the office birthday party.
Say Cheese – Mini Babybel Light (those red-wax-encased cheeses) and light string cheese are great on the go, and they're perfect for mini fridges and can stay in your purse for a few hours (as long as you don’t keep your bag on the furnace). Fat-free Greek yogurt in individual containers is another smart fridge stocker, you can add some Fiber ONE for some crunch and voilà, fast snack that’s waistline-friendly.
Produce Power – Make a habit of stashing fruit -- like pears, grapes, and apples -- in your cubicle. My absolute favorite snack is a sliced Gala apple -- crisp, slightly sweet, and great on the go. Cut veggies are a perfect way to put that fridge to use -- I love baby carrots and sliced cucumbers. Just keep some salsa on hand and spice up your afternoon with some quantity crunching.


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