Cute Halloween Ideas for Fun (that doesn't involve dressing up like a "Sexy Cat")

According to the National Retail Organization, “the average person celebrating Halloween will shell out $72.31 on decorations, costumes and candy.”  

This is a problem because 
1. We don’t have that kind of dough just laying around 
2. Our apartment doesn’t need any more clutter 
3. If we aren’t splurging on a costume, that’s a crazy amount to spend on candy!  EEEK...

To help keep your Halloween sexy and waistline in tact, we came across some adorable lip-tattoos. 

You can’t NOT get noticed with these fun temp tats from Violent Lips $14.95 at

Send us a picture of yourself and we’ll post a picture of how you’ll look in these Lips (just like Elizabeth Olsen, Taylor Swift and Lindsay Lohan).

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