How to Get a Sneak Peek

Need something interesting to contribute around the water cooler? (yeah, more like diet peach Snapple vending machine...)  Anyway, we always like to have our finger on the pulse of the beauty and entertainment worlds and when they collide – it makes our head explode.  Good thing this particular collaboration will keep our coif looking sleek and styled.

We are excited to reveal Katy Perry’s continued partnership with ghd for their NEW Scarlet Collection Limited Edition (launching November 1st).

The theme of the photo campaign is to bring the ghd’s Art-Deco inspired, fashion-forward Scarlet Collection to life.  The spread was shot by famed photographer, David La Chapelle.   La Chapelle crafted a vintage, twisted fairytale shot, in which Katy portrays a sultry Snow White set in Manhattan during the 1920s (very Boardwalk Empire-esque glamour).   Between La Chapelle's creative genius and Johnny Wujek's styling, the images produced are gorgeous, right?!

Perry is the perfect spokes-kitten for this brand with her ever-changing and glamorous hairstyles.  Whether you are part of the litter of “Katy Kats” or just love looking good, this partnership is sure to keep to satisfy your teenage dreams.

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