How to Score a Beauty Steal

We always love a bargain and when it comes to beauty, surprisingly drugstores are a pretty good source to stock up on the essentials.  CVS has infused their basic beauty tools with advanced properties to give you even more! The line is formulated with Ultralon® foam to provide extra absorption, a durable texture and acai berry extract for a perfectly smooth finish.

If you need some beauty basics without breaking the bank, check ‘em out: 

Collagen Ultra Wedges ($3.99 at
These professional sized wedges are perfect for applying foundation or tinted moisturizer to last!  Built in the same shape used by makeup artists and sensitive on the skin, these collagen-infused wedges provide a durable and ultra-fine texture that finishes off with an exceptionally even and streak-free look.

NEW! ACAI Teardrop Sponges ($3.99 at
These sponges are perfect for applying makeup evenly to those hard to navigate spots around the eyes and nose and are infused with ACAI to provide an open texture, ideal for diverse makeup formulas as well as moisturizers and removers.

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