How to Drop the 5 Lbs You Gained Over Thanksgiving

Enjoy Thanksgiving a little too much? You told yourself you weren't going to overindulge, but you did - now you have reverse the damage, so what can you do? Our friends at Mama Mio are offering a gym-free way to tackle tummy bulge with the Bootcamp for Tummies system. 

This 30-day skincare and exercise treatment will boost body confidence and shape your waist with an effective combination of high-performance skincare and no-gym-required exercises. Your tummy will be tighter, flatter, smoother and more defined. Your posture will be improved, your back stronger and your skin softer by simply following the three steps below. 

Step 1: Skin Tight™ Toning Serum helps lift, tighten and tone This body care breakthrough brings facial peel technology to the body, exfoliating, tightening, and moisturizing for firm, toned skin. 

Step 2: Get Waisted™ Body Shaper rehab for abs 
Packed with nine clinically tested waist-sliming ingredients to help flush out fat, eliminate puffiness and give a more defined, tighter appearance.
Step 3: Your 4-minute exercise program 
Developed by fitness trainer Julie Tupler, RN, the Tupler Technique exercises develop abs to act like a corset by pulling in your potbelly, redefining your waist and strengthening your back.

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