How to Get the Look of Beyonce

Last week, Beyonce sat down with Katie Couric and shared the scoop on her fabulous life.  Queen B looked positivity radiant, and not just from her pregnancy glow.

You know we are always here to help you out – so to find out how to capture her sparkle at home we went right to the source.  Sorry, not Beyonce, one better, her famed makeup artist Mally Roncal.

Mally share’s her inside tricks on how to steal this look:

1.  Start by using my concealer to brighten under the eyes or any other place that needs help.

2.  Next, use my subtle highlighter and contour powder to really bring out your inner beauty! The highlighter lifts the face and even illuminates the eye area. The contour powder instantly makes you look like you lost five pounds.

3.  For eyes, I opted for my creamy, shimmery eye shadow, bulletproof Eyeliner and my secret: Volumizing Mascara.

4.  To create glossy, Beyonc√© worthy lips, I used my High Shine Liquid Lipstick.

This look is great for any skin tone and any age!

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