How to Wake Up with Impossibly Refreshed Skin

Just because you don’t have sensitive skin, doesn’t mean you should sleep in your makeup. During your REM cycle your body is reenergizing and your cells are repairing the damage from the day. This means if your epidermis is caked with dried foundation, shadow and concealer, you may end up with premature wrinkles (plus an astronomical linen bill from having to replace all those mascara covered pillowcases).

To help speed up the process we combed the beauty aisles from Bergdorf to Walgreens to find the best multitasking cleansers on the market.  Check out our favorites:

1.  Become a LUSH
When it comes to LUSH Ultra Bland ($30 at, this cleanser should be called Ultra Invigorating.  Created with an almond oil base, this facial cleanser has a consistency of dense creamy frosting to keep my face hydrated long after I wash off the cleanser.  I found that after a full day of traipsing around the city, this vitamin enriched formula really bonded with my skin.  It removed my makeup and left my skin with a radiant glow.  Props to Helen Ambrosen (product inventor), I am ready to join the cult of Ultra Bland Cleanser.
Insider Info: Plus if you are craving a midnight snack, Ultra Bland (and all LUSH) products are 100% vegetarian

2.  Freshest Face Forward
What’s not to love about a cleanser that is pre-foamed straight from the pump?  Coola Environmental Repair + Clear Recovery Foam Wash ($26 at washes away the day.  This light, frothy cleanser removed my water proof mascara from my eyes and stimulated cellular renewal.  It is formulated with organic lavender flower for a tranquil nights rest.  Because I’m obsessed with protecting my punim, I love that this cleanser also nourishes, hydrates and restores healthy skin.
Insider Info:  It is made with certified organic ingredients so you can slather on as much as you’d like without absorbing toxic chemicals.

3.  Go for the Gold
Josie Maran “liquid gold,” Argan Oil ($32 at treats is a total multi-tasking skin treatment.  It acts as a purifier, makeup remover and anti-aging treatment to restore healthy clean.  We were nervous about adding oil to our regimen, but it seemed to hydrate our face without leaving a greasy residue. 
Insider Info: All Josie Maran products in her “chic-ological” line are formulated with Argan Oil, a powerful Moroccan antioxidant that leaves skin protected from even the most aggressive effects of the environment.

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