How to Cool Down Your Beauty Routine

Last week, we had brief taste of summer and with the hot weather around the corner, we know now is the time to stock up on refreshing, cooling products.  We’ve scoured the shelves to find minty-fresh products to help cool your emotions and perk up your beauty routine in the heat.

Cooling Cleanser
Let the first step in any beauty routine kick off the cool vibes.  We trust Renee Rouleau Luxe Mint Cleansing Gel to reveal ultimate skin radiance.  The sulfate-free, non-drying gel deep cleans pores for a refreshingly crisp cleanse.

Frosty Kisser
Give your lips a cool drink of water with Laura Geller Lip Strip.  This moisture infusing treatment soothes lips instantly for a nourished, flake-free pout.  Remove dull skin with healthy ingredient like peppermint, for a smooth, frosty finish.

Tempting Tooties
Exfoliating is the key to eliminating summer dryness.  Treat your tooties to some TLC with LCN Sugar Cane Foot Scrub.  This sugar scrub sloughs off dead, dull cells while mint oil cools and deodorizes the feet.  Just in time for sandal season, this refreshing foot scrub is the perfect complement to any city-gal’s shoe collection.

Flake-Free Scalp Scrub
Summer is not the season to sport flakes on your shoulder.  Cool the crusade for a flake-free scalp with Sam Brocato Peppermint Scrub Fresh Hair & Scalp Leave-in Tonic.  This high-performance treatment thoroughly removes excess oil and residue build-up for healthy, itch-free roots.  Invigorating ingredients such as peppermint oil, tea extracts and Vitamin E refresh follicles to restore a healthy ‘do.

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