What are Superior Sunscreens for Extreme Sun?

Few things are better than a luxurious week drenched in the sunshine of Dubai and the Maldives.  That said, there are few things worse than spending that week holed up in a hotel room because of intense sunburns.

We preempted that blistery fate by packing powerful SPF skin savers. 

We sought out effective sprays, lotions and gels that would protect our delicate dermis without leaving sticky, white residues.  Trust us, if these high-performance sunscreens can withstand the intense conditions of the Arabian desert, then it is sure to keep you covered during an NYC summer.  The results speak for themselves:

Sun Protection While Sandboarding
Our first stop in the United Arab Emirates was Ras al-Khaimah.  The terrain is pure desert – sand as far as the eye can see.  Without any base tan, we subjected our alabaster skin to the harsh desert sun to go sandboarding (picture snowboarding on sand dunes).  To protect our delicate skin during this exhilarating activity, we trusted an extreme outdoor sunscreen, VMV Hypoallergenics Armada Sport 70.

WHY WE LOVED IT: This ultra lightweight, water (and sweat) resistant protection product instantly glided onto our skin.  It quickly absorbed, leaving no greasy residue on the surface.  This was extra important because we didn’t want extra sand sticking to our skin.  Turns out, it couldn’t stop us from falling down a sand dune, but it was flawless at protecting skin that had been hiding under our fur-lined Moncler jacket during the NYC winter.  

What to Wear While on the Water
Next, we hoped a quick flight on Emirates Airlines over to the Maldives.  Our accommodations were out of a page of National Geographic.  We were living the original elements, going from the land of sand to the world of water.  If we walked too far outside our room we would land in the crystal clear Indian Ocean.  It seemed impossible to have a care in the world – except one: SUNBURN.  Each morning we sprayed on L’OREAL Sublime Sun Fast-Absorbing Clear Mist SPF 50+ to keep our skin protected as we went SCUBA diving, surfing, snorkeling and enjoying the sunshine by the infinity pool. 

WHY WE LOVED IT: This sheer mist works on wet and dry skin and quickly absorbs without any fuss.  Since our island oasis was surrounded by water, we were exposed to additional reflective rays, but we reapplied every 85 minutes (as directed) and didn’t get burned during our long days in the sun.  Plus it isn’t sticky so the ink from our magazines didn’t transfer onto our legs as we lounged.  We liked that the sunscreen is fortified with antioxidants, which helped our skin feel nourished during our relaxing retreat.

Total Luxury in Dubai
Our last stop was the most luxurious city in the world, Dubai.  We arrived at our hotel, Burj Al Arab, met our personal butler, and went on to explore the riches of this golden city.  The dry heat could have taken a toll on our sensitive skin, but we were prepared with SHISEIDO Urban Environment Oil-Free UV Protector SPF 42.  Everything in this city is opulent and grand, so this luxurious sunscreen was the perfect addition to touring the town and shopping in the souks.

WHY WE LOVED IT: This oil-free SPF protected our skin from incidental sun exposure as we explored Dubai.  It quickly absorbed and left us shine-free while keeping our skin hydrated and nourished with powerful antioxidants.  Despite our sweating, we had no breakouts and put our best face forward as we took in the decadence of this magnificent town.

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