How Can You Stop Sticky lip gloss?

I’ve had enough, I’m totally sick of sticky lip gloss. On windy days, I’m ready to toss my gloss because my hair gets stuck on my sheen. I become a congealed slop of shine and hair – glamorous first impression, right?

Don’t punish your pout and ban the glam – instead check out Shiseido NEW Lacquer Rouge ($25) liquid lip color. Sure it moisturizes and smoothes (thanks to Super Hydro-Wrap Vitalizing DE), but undeniably, the best part: SLICK, STICK-FREE SHINE! 

Pucker up for long lasting lip color that simultaneously seeps into your lips for a lustrous stain after the shine subsides. 

For the girl on the go, just apply one coat for intense color, instantly! With over eight shades, there’s a hue for all of you. (My favorite? NYMPH - A rich, fleshy rose color.)

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