What are the Best Sun Screens for a Luxury Vacation?

Planning for my end of summer spree to the One & Only Palmilla Resort in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico means biweekly visits to my personal trainer, but you all know I wouldn’t be planning my great escape without taking some extra precautions against the sun.

I’ve put in so much effort to look my best, so trust me when I report that I’m only packing my favorite sun essentials.  I’m talking powerful antioxidants, moisturizing ingredients and healthy formulas…and always NO white residue or stickiness.

Check out the magic potions that will be joining my jaunt to paradise to keep me covered during my entire vacation:

Looking Seductive at the Swim-up Bar
My favorite water sport on vacation is splashing up to the swim-up bar.  I love slurping up vitamin C and potassium packed into an icy tequila sunrise, but sitting in water requires water-resistant protection.  This full-spectrum SPF 70 creates an invisible virtual "second skin," that stays on skin's surface to maintain protection intensity in and out of water.  So plop yourself on that bar stool and enjoy a frozen treat without fear of the sun’s magnified rays.

Jet Setting SPF for Jet Skiing:
Before you expose skin to intense, direct sunlight, protect yourself with a high SPF that fights all environmental factors.  When I’m riding my jetski, I am not worrying about appearing greasy or sunburnt.  I trust this ultra-light, oil-free sun protection lotion because it absorbs excess oil to give skin a matte appearance while guarding against daily environmental aggressors.  Plus it’s a tiny bottle, so if you are jumping on a weekend jaunt, toss it in your tote and you won’t get bothered by TSA.

Skin Savoir During Shopping:
Vacations are the perfect time to shop and relax, but I’d be mortified to find my SPF rubbed off on the clothes.   Instead, I prep my canvas to appear naturally flawless with this oil-free moisturizer with SPF 30.  I opt for healthy product that actually enhance my skin’s health - thanks to a powerful cocktail of antioxidants like dark chocolate, blueberry extract, lemon fruit, European herb extract – inspiration for a cocktail beverage, anyone? So for goodness face, slather up!

Broad Spectrum Before Breakfast
My favorite vacation indulgence is breakfast on the veranda.  Before I bite into my breakfast frittata, I’m not about to waste any worry on my sunburn status.  Instead I stock up on this lightweight gel crème’s because it is created with an innovative formula that helps immediately fill in fine lines and provides SPF protection.  It quickly seals in hydration so I can look brilliant while I break into my giant chocolate-filled brioche pastry.

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