How Do You Undo The Sun Damage?

Fall is officially here, so why does my skin still seem damaged like it was during the summer?  Turns out the sun wrecks serious havoc on skin by diminishing collagen and contributing to a dehydrated, dull complexion.  Preventing sun damage is a critical component in any skincare regimen, but if you forgot rules 1-3 of sunscreen (reapply…reapply…reapply), it’s not to late to heal the harm.

The best way to restore skin’s natural luster and radiance, and reverse the sun’s curse is to exfoliate away dead cells.  We caught up with leading, board-certified dermatologist Dr. Neal Schultz to learn about the gold standard in exfoliation, Glycolic Acid.  Dr. Schultz revealed that this is the secret ingredient behind total complexion perfection – and he’s performed more than 30,000 Glycolic Peels, so it’s fair to say the results speak for themselves. 

In an effort to banish lines, balance color and restore a smooth texture, Dr. Schultz toiled in his laboratory and developed four innovative skin care products to round out his Beauty RX line – and all of them promise powerful results:

Daily Exfoliating Body Therapy Lotion: Relieves dry, flaky and itchy skin thanks to 10% glycolic acid and exfoliating compounds like Tetrafoilant and Japanese Green Tea Leaf.
What I liked about this product: there’s no perfumey fragrance infused in this product – it glides on and quickly becomes undetectable, so all you notice is soft healthy skin.

Brightening Complex: Reveal a bright, even skin tone with a fast acting super-ceutical that fades dark spots and hyperpigmentation.
What I liked about this product: I love the idea of blotch-free skin, but am terrified of hydroquinone – problem solved! This smart pigment is formulated without this controversial ingredient and only works on darkened areas so skin looks even and luminous.

Gentle Exfoliating Eye Therapy Cream: It smoothes, moisturizes and firms the eye area in one convenient step.
What I liked about this product: Two words: easy-peasy.  This cream is a one-stop shop for the eye area.  The formula is thick and creamy, but it sits well under my makeup without making my kohl eyeliner run.

High Potency Active Cleanser: The anti-bacterial formula effectively dissolves accumulated cells, oil and dirt that cause blemishes.
What I liked about this product: Nothing worse than a few surprise blemishes popping up during the week of a big presentation.  To just make it go away (and take it’s evil brothers with it) massage this cleanser into the face and rinse away for an acne-free insurance policy.

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