How to get Prepped for Fall

We all know that seasonal trends are often cyclical, but that does not give you license to stay stuck in last year's styles.  Just like with an trendy wardrobe, sometimes all you need are a few awesome pieces to update your existing collection.

We caught up with celebrity stylist Cristina Ehrlich who gave us expert advice on how to get prepped for fall.

The Face as the Base
Here's the deal: getting prepped for fall means getting into primer.  Picture your skin as a blank wall - sure, you can directly apply a coat of paint, but without primer, the color will seep into cracks and eventually crease and fade. It is the same with your face, applying makeup without a primer leads to a dull complexion. 

This season, we are really enjoying ELLE Cosmetics oil-free face primer. It's light, fragrance-free and evens out skintone and texture.  Plus, we've found it brightens skin by smoothing out the surface for a healthy luminous glow. 

Expert tip: Wear it alone for natural radiance or as a prep step to enhance your makeup application. 

Easy on the Eyes
Another fun way to play up the face is to enhance the eyes with a shimmery shadow.  We begin with three different shades from Elle, and arrange them from darkest to brightest, then apply in that order to the crease, lid and brow bone.  This not only creates a fun ombre effect, but by layering the shadows, the color will last longer.

Expert tip: Use a blending brush to feather out the shadow on the eyes.  Plus picking browns and golds make the eyes appear bigger - this is a good technique to appear interested, even if you are talking to a creeper who is making your eyes glaze over.

Pucker Up
This fall focus on your kisser.  If you are going to enhance the eyes, pick a nude lip to keep your appearance looking natural while maintaining a polished pout.  

Expert tip: We won't leave home without a tube of Elle Cosmetics Lip Gloss in tow because this multi-dimensional lip lacquer is an easy finish for bare lips. You can also transform a basic lipstick by layering on some gloss a seductively shiny smile.

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