What is the best way to transition makeup from the office to a hot seasonal soirée?

On the night of your hottest seasonal soirée, don’t let a late night of paperwork hold you back from looking radiant.  We’ve scoured the shelves in pursuit of the perfect holiday palettes, polishes and perfumes (plus more!) to take you from work to play.

Get the party started with a sparkly brush set.  This magic maker is packed with four professional-quality bejeweled brushes set in a luxurious travel pouch.  Toss this set in your satchel and be prepared to glam up at your desk.

2. Unleash the Colors: Color Fold-Up Palette - $19.99
When it comes to total glamazing makeovers at your desk, there is now better power tool than a power palette.  This $55 value is boxed with over 39 shadows, glosses and blushes, so you can really pull off any style.  Go for a catwalk cat eye or a fresh dewy glow, with this compact fold-up palette your options are endless.

You don’t want to keep an entire bottle of perfume in your desk, so this is a cute way to get your scent on.  This key chain fragrance is easy to conceal in your clutch, so you can apply at the office, then bring to the bash for touch ups throughout the night.
There’s always something happening this time of year, and it’s unlikely you will have the time (or dolla, dolla bills) to keep your paws looking perfectly polished.  A favorite quick fix of mine is to simply cover your chipped polish with a fresh coat in another color.  It’s not a permanent solution, but let’s be honest, sometimes all you just need a fast cover up before dashing out the door.

5. Instant Hostess Gift: Bubble Delight Frosted Chocolate Bubble Bath & Candle - $8, $10
There are several reasons why you need to bring a hostess gift 1) it is rude to show up empty handed 2) you need to secure an invite for next year’s shindig.  Our suggestion is to bring a little holiday spirit so we elected a chocolate bubble bath and candle.  This combo is portable and easy to carry, so for less than $20 bucks you can perk up the party and give a gift you know they’ll love. 

If you want to get luxed up for the holidays then fall in love with these limited-edition shades.  They are fun for any holiday party because of the shimmery, high-shine finish.  Get your smooch on under the mistletoe because the formula isn’t sticky or gloppy.  

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