How to Get Your Underarms Ready for Sleeveless Shirt Season?

Before bikini season, we hit the gym, but what can you do to get your underarms ready for sleeveless shirt season?

Our friends at Dove are introducing a new way to help you achieve healthy underarms with their go sleeveless collection.

Turns out that in a recent survey, 50% of women wear sleeveless tops when out with friends, and out of that group 61% of women between the ages of 18-36 said that they feel sexy and feminine when going sleeveless.  Don’t be part of the minority that feels uncomfortable or ashamed by underarm imperfections.

We are loving this deodorant because it is actually formulated to give women softer, smoother underarms in just 5 days.  This innovation provides 48-hour odor & wetness protection for a clean, fresh feeling that lasts.  Not to mention that it’s the only deodorant on the market with Vitamins E and F plus Dove ¼ moisturizers, providing sensitive care for your delicate underarm skin.

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