How to Lose Inches Without Going to the Gym?

Going to the gym does wonders for your mental health, muscle development and fat reduction, but after you peel off the pounds, what to do about the extra skin?  You can certainly visit the dermy for a suck and tuck (read: lipo), but for those looking for a less invasive solution, your options were limited…until now.  SkinCeuticals has just launched a new Body Correcting line that fights the effects of gravity and stimulates youth revitalizing skin processes. 

First to roll out is the Body Tightening Concentrate.  This targeted treatment increase the stimulation of collagen co-factors which leads to stronger, firmer skin.  Slather up your toosh for 8 weeks and notice a 30% improvement in lift, 20% firmness and tightness.  Don’t give in to genetics, fight fine lines, wrinkles and skin laxity.  We’ve been testing it on our arms and after 7-days can detect a notable difference.

Next is Body Retexutring Treatment.  Ladies with chicken skin, eczema and other ailments rejoice!  This hydrator is formulated to alleviate dull, rough body zones by promoting exfoliation and providing simultaneous hydration.  Formulated with a powerful  cocktail of anti-oxidants, this potent treatment is optimized cellular renewal to retexture rough body surfaces and significantly improve radiance and smoothness.

To complete the trifecta, we have Body Neck, Chest & Hand Repair.  This treatment is targeted to reverse the areas that are easy to notice, but hard to restore.  Bye-bye old lady hands, this dual-action skin saver contains powerful and safe bleaching agents and extracts to brighten and restore healthy pigmentation.

Don’t wait until your skin is beyond repair, take preventative measure now and take control of your physique.

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