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The cost and inconvenience of checking a piece of luggage drives most women into to a state of packing pandemonium. When you are forced to make the choice between a perfect pair of chunky espadrilles and a frizz-defusing hair dryer, is there ever really a winner?  No one in the right mind tries to take on the TSA and smuggle through liquids over 3oz, so say bye-bye to your beauty besties.

Then on the 5th time trying to close your carryon, you realize that if you shove, crunch and cram at just the right angle, everything will fit into your carryon – ouch, my heart aches when I think of that helpless Joie silk blouse gasping for air.  Somewhere along the way gorgeous weekend getaways became ghastly.

Instead of accepting defeat, embrace jet-setting beauty destinations that enhance the travel experience for the glitziest of guests.

Where to start?
June Jacobs Spa Collection packed up their favorite body and hair products into a compact travel-friendly kit for glamour on the go.  The amenity collection launched exclusively at Grand Hyatt Hotels, boasts full size benefits of a spa without leaving your room.  Grand Hyatt guests can enjoy the highlights of the Green Tea and Cucumber line that is specially designed to soothe skin and invigorate the senses.  Plus at the end of your say, snap up these pint-sized products (all under 2oz) and enjoy a reminder of your getaway as you ease back into reality.

The Green Tea and Cucumber line includes:
Clarifying shampoo – shine-enhancing suds that clarify and renew hair with organic extracts of aloe and oats, while chamomile soothes distresses hair.
Clarifying Conditioner – moisture-locking conditioner detangles with olive oil and marine collagen, while a blend of grapeseed oil and white tea extract leaves hair silky and smooth.
Purifying Shower Gel – renewing gel cleanses with jojoba and organic linseed.
Facial Bar – Purifying bar gently cleanses skin.
Body Balm – Rich Lotion nourishes and softens with sweet almond oil, babassu seed oil, shea butter and oat.

Who Runs the World? GIRLS!
Looking this good takes a village.  And when the chief of said village (read: me) goes on vacation and forgets her curling iron, nail polish remover or phone charger, the natives go wild (read: me, cursing angrily!).  After an exhaustive research process, including the largest guest listening exercise in history, Hyatt Hotels & Resorts heard the call of the wild.  They introduced an innovative experience to help their female guests maintain that perfectly polished presentation: customization. 

This new approach addresses all the neurosis that we gals obsess about: cleanliness, convenience, nutrition and beauty.  You can micromanage all the little details that you normally fixate on, without the pressure to do any of the legwork yourself.

Break out the Black Light
Never again spot suspicious curly hairs around the bathroom (retch).  Guest can now communicate with housekeepers to receive a personal confirmation that the room’s been thoroughly cleaned. #winning

Forget Me Not
Want to test out your look with curly hair? Order up a curling iron. This Hyatt Has It feature ensures guests can enjoy all the essentials of home without cramming them into their carryons.  From teakettles, steamers, yoga mats and chargers you can keep up your speed without any added stress.

Healthy Spin on Room Service
It’s too easy to eat naughty snacks on the road, but with new healthy menu selections you may actually find that there’s a good chance you won’t fall off the weight watchers wagon.  Good news, the one dress you packed will still fit the next morning.

Spend More Time in the Bathroom
We are most excited to test out all the new amenities.  As we said, June Jacobs is pioneering the effort to bring luxury amenities to the guest suites.  Les siiiiigh, sorry boss, gonna be a little late for our meeting, something suddenly came up.

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