How to Prepare for a Memorable Prom Night

If prom is one of the most special, highly anticipated events in your life, then you need to make sure you are getting ready in advance.  We are talking about finding the perfect date, dress, hair style and more.  Selfies will last forever, so make sure you are looking flawless.

In preparation for this unforgettable night, time to primp and prep for prom with our favorite beauty products:


1. Proactiv Advanced Blemish Treatment

Make sure you have a plan for any last minute zits that decide to pop up. An emergency dose of concentrated benzoyl peroxide (6%) works to kill your blemish – big or small – while allantoin, panthenol and other special ingredients absorb excess oil, sooth irritation, and moisturize your skin. Because it is packaged in a small 0.33oz tube, you can take it anywhere for emergency breakouts. 
Price: $18, Available at and 1-888-819-2019

2. Proactiv 3-Step System
Choose a solid skin regimen during the weeks leading up to prom to prevent any blunders on the day of. Three daily steps can transform acne-prone skin.
Step 1: Renewing Cleanser - This cleanser contains prescription-grade benzoyl peroxide (2.5%), with advanced micro crystals that quickly penetrate pores to start killing acne-causing bacteria on contact. At the same time, chamomile extract and other soothing ingredients help keep skin balanced and hydrated.
Step 2: Revitalizing Toner - Glycolic acid (5%), a botanical-rich blend of chamomile, aloe and panthenol combine to remove dead skin cells while hydrating and soothing to help achieve an even-toned complexion.
Step 3: Repairing Treatment - This medicated lotion absorbs deep into pores and contains prescription-grade benzoyl peroxide (2.5%), with ultra fine micro-crystals, that go quickly into cleansed, open pores to start killing acne-causing bacteria on contact.
Price: $19.95, Available at

3. Proactiv Deep Cleansing Wash

Body acne clashes with an elegant prom dress. This medicated body wash contains 2% salicylic acid that goes deep to clear acne blemishes on your face and body. The gentle exfoliating beads remove dead skin cells that can clog pores, while botanicals soothe the skin, restoring a healthy glow that will leave you feeling squeaky clean and soft.
Price: $35, Available at and 1-888-819-2019

4. Proactiv+ Skin Purifying Mask
Give your skin a lift the night before prom with this full-facial mask. With six percent sulfur and cooling kaolin clay, it works to draw out impurities and excess oil to clear acne, prevent future blemishes and keep the t-zone oil-free. Paraben-free, this mask contains a healthy complex of antioxidants, vitamins and botanicals to condition and moisturize the skin.
Price: Free with the purchase of Proactiv+ ($29.95 monthly) or $12 individually, Available at or by calling 1-888-710-2161

5. PRIME TIME SMILE Active Blue Teeth Whitening Kit

Brush and shine your way to a whiter smile before prom night with the new PRIME TIME SMILE Blue Teeth Whitening Kit. This easy, two-step brush-on + LED light system whitens teeth in less than 30 minutes without messy trays, strips or expensive trips to the dentist. First, brush on the powerful whitening gel contained inside of the white pen and then, follow up with the dentist-inspired active blue LED light to activate and accelerate the whitening gel. Apply the light for 10 minutes and repeat this process a second time to complete one treatment.
Price: $49, Available at Ulta and


1. L’Oréal Paris True Match Super-Blendable Crayon Concealer
Flawless skin is the first step to creating your prom night canvas. This innovative, easy-to-use stick concealer offers a versatile, on-the-go solution for covering blemishes and imperfections. The point of the crayon allows for precise application, while the side can work a larger area of skin such as the under eye. The formula contains high levels of liquid and soft (vs. hard) waxes, giving it an ultra-creamy, lightweight texture with superior blendability. Its high-pigment concentration provides excellent coverage, while the elevated liquid content, silicone elastomers and light-diffusing pigments keep the product from looking cakey on skin.
Price: $8.95 Available at and chain drug, food and mass market retailers

2. L’Oréal Paris Visible Lift Color Lift Blush
Glow like you’ve never glowed before on prom night. This innovative blush is infused with pink tourmaline pearls, a brightening mineral that adds vibrancy to the skin and reawakens the complexion for a flush look on Prom night. Its unique cream-to-powder formula allows for easy and blendable application to help illuminate the cheekbones. The blush’s soft and silky texture allows for contouring and enhances cheekbones. Available in six luminous shades that cover the full blush spectrum.
Price: $12.95, Available at and chain drug, food and mass market retailers

3. L’Oréal Paris Colour Caresse Shine Stain by Colour Riche
This lightweight lip stain will last all night long as it is designed to deliver long-lasting color with a glossy, high-shine finish. Never heavy or drying, the weightless, moisturizing, water-based formula glides on and leaves lips soft, comfortable and hydrated for up to six hours. It contains a blend of light shine oils and concentrated pigments for clear, luminous color.
Price: $9.99, Available at and chain drug, food and mass market retailers

4. L’Oréal Paris Magic De-Crease Eyelid Primer

You can dance the night away and your eye makeup will still stay put and looking fresh after applying this magical primer. Specifically designed for eyelids, this primer addresses two common concerns of eye shadow users – wear and creasing. In addition to upping the ante on the intensity of the end beauty look, Magic De-Crease Eyelid Primer extends the wear of shadow and prevents shadow from settling into lines and creases.
Price: $8.95, Available at and chain drug, food and mass market retailers

5. L’Oréal Paris Colour Riche Eye Shadow Quads
Color authority L’Oréal Paris is proud to expand its Colour Riche franchise to include a new collection of eye shadow quads customized with trend-driven, wearable hues and specially developed to create not just one eye look, but endless statement looks for your every mood. The shades are grouped in three families to help you find the best palette for you. Available in pearl and matte finishes, the sophisticated shades vary from softly shimmering to bold and intensely rich.
Price: $7.95, Available at and chain drug, food and mass market retailers

6. L’Oréal Paris Telescopic Shocking Extensions Mascara

Skip the hassle of falsies and lash extensions because now there’s a mascara that gives a dramatic enough effect on its own. The mascara’s unique lash-hugging brush, consisting of 200 bristles and shaped to the eyelid to catch every last lash, works with Liquid Extension Technology, allowing the formula to thoroughly coat lashes for extreme length.
Price: $9.95, Available at and chain drug, food and mass market retailers

7. L’Oréal Paris The Super Slim Liner by Infallible
The Super Slim Liner by Infallible creates lines precise and bold to help create a variety of show-stopping looks for the big night. The formula contains a water-based ink that goes on smoothly, without skipping or smudging, while intense pigments create a rich, beautiful shade of black. The distinctive applicator has a super slim 0.4mm precision felt tip that provides superior control for the most precise lines yet. With just a little added pressure, the tip can create a thicker line for a more daring look.
Price: $8.95, Available at and chain drug, food and mass market retailers


1. L’Oréal Paris Colour Riche Nail Lingerie
Sparkle at prom with Colour Riche Nail Lingerie that allows women to create endless nail looks with one sticker. The perfect accessory to polish, these 3D nail jewels can be layered with any nail color for a sophisticated sparkle effect. Designed for the nail novice, they require no dry time and offer mistake-proof application.
Price: $8.95, Available at and chain drug, food and mass market retailers


Whether you pick a classic coral or neon nail look, prepare to look perfectly polished with NEW trend setter collection shades. Inspired by the most exotic of flowers, the bold hues of the “Le Nouveau Riche” collection range from lime green to neon pink and reflect both a connection with nature and a desire for pure paradise. Each polish gives pure, rich coverage, high-wattage shine and rare color intensity due to Crystal Acrylics, shine agents and finely dispersed color pigments.
Price: $5.99, Available at and chain drug, food and mass market retailers

1. Proactiv Oil Blotter Sheets

No one wants to look back on prom pictures and regret an oily t-zone. Made from 100% pure natural-fiber paper, Oil Blotter Sheets absorb excess oil to leave skin feeling fresh and clean, with a beautiful matte finish. And, with zero artificial ingredients and no talc, they won’t clog your pores.
Price: $11, Available at and 1-888-819-2019

2. Oscar Blandi Lacca To-Go

It’s no fun when your beautiful updo falls apart. To fix an impending hair emergency, take this travel- size hair spray with you. Lacca is infused with humectant and anti-static powers of sugar (without the stickiness), plus honey’s shine-boosting, conditioning, antioxidant properties for manageable hair and touchable hold that lasts.
Price: $11 Available at

3. Oscar Blandi Pronto Invisible Dry Shampoo Spray To-Do
Hours of dancing may result in sweaty strands and flat-falling hair so stash this travel-size, invisible formula dry shampoo away in your purse to fix the situation. It absorbs oil and product build-up and boosts volume, while vitamin E and wheat proteins strengthen and protect hair. A Lemon Verbena fragrance keeps hair smelling fresh and clean.
Price: $11, Available at Oscar

4. FLOWER Petite Fleurs Pocket Triplets

Small enough to stash away for touch-ups throughout the night, these interchangeable 3-piece stackable lip glosses and concealers come in a variety of shades, so any face can find a fit.
Available in the following shades: PF4, PF5, PF6, PF7, PF8, PF9, PF10.
Price: $6.98, Available at Walmart and

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