What are Safe Sunscrens Can You Trust this Summer?

Melanoma statistics are terrifying - not to sound like Debbie Downer but one American dies of this disease every hour.  What's worse is that until recently there was no guarantee that your sunscreen was actually keeping you covered.

Who can you trust?
Let's shed some light on this conundrum.  First off, packaging needs to reflect the new FDA guidelines for protection and prevention. That means no mores outlandish claims of SPF 150 or waterproof infinity.  When wearing sunscreen in water, proceed with caution. The new bottles will indicate the strength of your resistance (between 40-80 minutes!).  Celebrate your sunscreen's birthday with a trip to the garbage.  Look for products labeled "broad spectrum" which means it will protect sunburn and sun-induced skin damage.

Don't play sunscreen roulette! 
Sufficiently scared? Sorry about that, but the good news is that brands are taking these regulations seriously and are launching new collections to simplify the SPF search.
SkinCeuticals is one of the first brands to step up to the plate and repackage their potent products to reflect this FDA mandate. Furthermore, they are introducing new products that fit every lifestyle under the sun.   Whether you are an extreme athlete or have an extreme passion for looking good, the new Sport UV Defense SPF 50 covers all your skin care needs. This 90ml bottle packs a powerful punch against premature signs of aging and sun damage. 

The broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection goes on smoothly and compared with competitive lotions has 0% whitening, beading and streaking.  It won't improve your marathon times but it will boost your photo finish.

Application Calculations
Apply daily to the face, neck, chest, and body before makeup and workouts.

SkinCeuticals Sport UV Defense SPF 50 is $40 at  

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