How to Fake a Trip to the French Riviera

Nothing like reflecting on your summer getaway on the French Riviera, right?  Remember the warm-buttery taste of those freshly baked croissants each morning? And the endless days under a striped beach umbrella sipping crisp, effervescent champagne as your legs bronzed under the golden sun? 

Well, we know your secret – you never made it to the French Riviera, but with your healthy, golden glow, everyone else can believe you were really there. 

Create the look of a natural, customized tan without sun or self-tanner.  Our friends at Caudalie are introducing a new product, Divine Legs ($38), that nourishes skin while delivering a luminous glow.  It’s a natural alternative to streaky self-tanners or (gasp!) tanning salons.  It’s a smooth, easy to apply lotion that instantly bronzes your gams.  It is formulated with chicory extract, carob extract, grape oil, grapeseed extract and copper & golden pearlizers to create a healthy, long-lasting hue. 

Simply exfoliate away dead cells with Divine Scrub, that instantly softens skin with brown sugar to gently remove rough patches.  After, lather Divine Legs on clean, dry skin and let dry for 60 seconds.  Then go party on a luxurious yacht for the rest of the afternoon, or just tell your friends you did.

Looking to make your life a little more divine? Be sure to check out the Caudalie Spa for a correlating Divine Legs treatment.

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