How to Live Like an A-Lister: Beauty Collaborations!

The mark of true A-List status is that thrilling moment when you settle into your plush leather seat aboard your private jet as you embark on an exotic journey to distant lands.  When the seatbelt signal is disengaged, you enjoy luxurious relaxation treatments as you cavort with designers and dignitaries, leaving your stressors behind.

While the financial investments in this dream may be cost prohibitive, the opportunity to mentally retreat to a pampered paradise is very real.  Caudalie Beauty Elixir has always been synonymous with decadence and radiance, however, just in time for the holidays (and holiday travel!), this little miracle is getting a makeover.  Dressed in new designer duds by L’Wren Scott this collaboration is nothing short of dazzling. 

Most sophisticated women rely on Beauty Elixir for their instant glow, because the original use of Beauty Elixir was by 17th Century Hungarian monarchs – if it was good enough for them, it’s good enough for us.  This mystifying mist can be seen backstage at fashion shows or in the purses of VIPs, so it makes sense that L’Wren Scott is a fan of the brand.

Passion for the product was the impetus for the collaboration between L’Wren Scott and the brand’s founder, Mathilde Thomas.  We had a chance to sit down with this dynamic duo to learn about their inspirations and the story behind their successful friendship.

How did the two of you meet?
Mathilde Thomas: Beauty Elixir has close ties to the fashion world. You can find it backstage with make up artists, in the models’ bags, and also in the front rows of some fashion shows. It seemed obvious to me to ask a well-known designer to create this collectors edition. I had read in the press several times that L’Wren used Beauty Elixir. And we shared the same attention to detail and artisanal approach.
L’Wren Scott: In January 2013, Mathilde contacted me and we got together over a cup of tea. I was fascinated to learn the story behind the elixir, and I really liked her approach to beauty. Her offer was very tempting to me-and so was the idea of being able to give "my" bottle as a gift to my family and friends.

What's the idea behind this collector’s edition?

L’Wren Scott: I worked on the bottle at the same time as my 2013 fall/winter collection, which was inspired by Austrian painter Gustav Klimt. I borrowed the idea of mosaics and a female silhouette. Two weeks after we met, I had already sketched three options. I had them printed on the bottle to choose the best one. Since I was focus just on the visual effect, I treated this collaboration like an art project.
Mathilde Thomas: The interwoven bunches, like vine shoots, are a refined and feminine pattern, which is exactly what we wanted. We tried out several colors before opting for a glossy black.
How do you personally use beauty elixir?

L’Wren Scott: I've always loved moisturizing sprays. About 15 years ago, I was in Paris and it was hot. A pharmacist suggested Beauty Elixir to moisturize my skin, and I was really impressed by the results. Ever since then, I've been using it when I wake up in the morning to set my make up, and several times throughout the day like when I need a refreshment. It's part of my travel ritual, too; I use it on airplanes to moisturize my skin.
Mathilde Thomas: As for me, I had started using it even before it launched. Like L’Wren, I used in the morning and on planes. I have a large bottle at my home in a small in my purse. I'm sure I must spray this more than 40 times a day!

To scoop up your own Caudalie Beauty Elixir, visit a local boutique or online at

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