How to Transform a Stressful Holiday Travel into a Relaxing Retreat

Thanksgiving is the busiest travel day of the year.  Whether you are travelling back to your childhood abode or shacking up in a hotel, the stress of the season is sure to heighten your emotions.  Restore your sanity by bringing your favorite products with you.  We’ve got the perfect travel essentials to transform your trip into a relaxing oasis.  For those of you hopping a flight, everything is under 3oz, so you won’t have to haggle with those aggressive TSA agents.

Clarins Sun Control Stick For Sun-Sensitive Areas SPF 30 - $26 at clarinsusa.com
After several months out of the sun, your skin is especially sensitive and susceptible to burns.  Do not leave the house without this portable protection that promises 100% natural mineral sun safety.  Save your skin with UVA/UVB protection for easy application on your nose, ears, lips and around eyes.  Share with everyone, from your friends to your nieces and nephews, as it is made for all skin types.  As an added bonus, it is formulated with powerful plant extracts for maximum age-fighting and moisture-replenishing benefits.

Sen7 Refillable Fragrance Atomizer in Red - $40 at Gloss48.com
Just because you're traveling doesn't mean you can't still rock your signature scent, thanks to Sen7's TSA-approved fragrance atomizer. We bought one for ourselves, and a few as gifts for both men and women! Americans are famous for traveling like slobs, but that's about to change! Step one, ditch the Lululemons for a stylish ensemble. Step two, carry this ultra-chic fragrance atomizer, which is TSA approved! You can transfer up to two weeks worth (or 70 squirts) of your favorite perfume into this tiny, beautifully-designed case, which comes in every color imaginable and materials ranging from rubber to sterling silver. Even when we're not traveling, we love keeping this in our bag and spritzing ourselves throughout the day for a quick pick-me-up. Don't worry, the sen7 fragrance atomizer tank is designed to make it impossible for liquid to leak out.

H2O Sea Marine Must-Haves Set - $25 at H2Oplus.com
Whether you are shacking up in a hotel or bunking up with family, you can’t neglect your beauty routine.  We heart this five-piece spa collection because it’s TSA approved and comes in an waterproof beauty bag.  Toss in your carry-on and revitalize skin and strengthen hair with an assortment of Sea Marine luxuries on the go.

Clarins Hand and Nail Trio Gift Set - $30 at clarinsusa.com
When you head out of town you must wave bye-bye to your fave nail spot, but with this adorable trio you can have perfect paws on-the-go.  Toss this set in your satchel to combat that dry, dehydrating air-plane air.  Plus apply daily to strengthen nails and condition cuticles for younger-looking hands. You never know who you will run into while back in town, so you can go wrong with flawless looking hands.

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