How to Transform Your Hair Dye Routine (and cut your costs by 90%)

Ever been known to hop from the elevator into your waiting Uber car, then while en route, order dinner from Seamless and perfectly time the delivery to the arrival at your apartment?  If so, then get ready for the latest timesaving style saver: L’Oréal Paris
Preference Mousse Absolue

We know that traditional hair color-in-a-box can be so intimidating that you’d rather spare yourself the anxiety and get your hair colored at a salon.  However before you plunk down $150+, ask yourself, what’s the harm in first experimenting with a $15 at-home alternative. Seriously, you’ve got nothing to lose – except your ratty roots – and if you mess up, you can reschedule that salon session. You can’t afford not to try this at least once. 

Now that’s we’ve piqued your interest, let us seal the deal:

With all the advancements in at-home hair color, there is a compelling case to be made to transform your tresses in your at-home spa (okay, work with us and light a few scented candles in your bathroom).  

Forget what you know about blending dyes and developer, L’Oréal’s new gold standard combines the entire process into two goof-proof steps:

1. Shake to Activate: Just shake the Mousse Absolue canister and push to dispense the ultra-rich mousse formula

2. Apply Like a Shampoo: Massage the non-drip formula through hair, targeting roots for best coverage – then wash out!

Need to know more?  The dye and developer formulas are separately encapsulated in two airtight chambers inside the bottle.  Then, with just one push, the perfect ratio of pure color dyes and a powerful color developer is automatically blended into a rich, non-drip mousse that allows for a smooth, no-mess application directly onto your hair.

Added bonus:  the no-mix, reusable system keeps unused color fresh and allows for seamless root touch ups or multiple applications on shorter hair – all on demand.

Check it out for yourself at Loreal-paris, or just scoop up a sample for yourself at drugstores nationwide.

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