How to fake an endless makeup collection

The color conundrum: unsuccessfully trying to make the pigment of the season compliment your complexion.  This glamour gamble can often dissuade experimentation, but sometimes makeup risks pay off in unexpected beauty revelations that transform the way you see yourself.

Now there is an easy, cost-free way to play with pigments: virtual makeup counters. 

We are really excited to share with you a new app, Makeup Genius by L'Oréal Paris (available for download in June) that turns your front-facing iPhone camera into a makeup mirror.  From there, you can digitally experiment with more than 300 cosmetic products – playing with individual SKUs or full-face runway looks for realistic-looking makeovers.

It’s unlike any existing magic mirror, because the app maps out 64 points on your face to identify your skin tone and features.  Then, when you primp and play in real time, your “makeup enhanced” reflection imitates your movements and expressions.

Next time you find yourself daydreaming over bold lipstick inspirations, just scan the product, virtually try it on and trust it will look exactly as shown.  The possibilities are endless.

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