Don't Go Home with the Mariachi Band from the Subway

Spending the summer in the city forces your skin to be exposed to all types of unsavory situations. Sitting in an air-conditioned office does not exempt you from sweat, pollution, and city grime.  These irritants then get trapped in your pores causing clogged pores and skin damage. It's the cellular equivalent of being trapped in a subway car with a skivvy mariachi band – infuriating and unavoidable.

So we became obsessed with reversing  the curse of city living and repairing depleted, dull and hyperpigmented skin. The answer is Clarisonic Sonic Radiant Brightening Solution. For years we've been hearing about this powerful skin brush that transforms skin, but left to our own devices, would this beauty investment survive this Manhattannite's lazy girl regimen?

Skeptical but hopeful, I was up for the challenge.  I began my journey after returning home from the subway ride from hell - enraged by the sour serenading of a hostile Spanish guitar player. I needed to relieve my skin of the traumatic memory, so I applied a dollop of the Skin Renewing Peel Wash to my Aria Facial Sonic Cleansing Device and after splashing water on my face I began the cleansing ritual. I activated the device, rubbed the brush head around my face, then washed off the excess product.  Eager to accelerate the smoothing out my complexion, I applied the Brightening Activator Serum to my face, neck, and d├ęcolletage.  
The next morning I awoke and completed the process again – this time, using the AM Skin Illuminating Cleanser. I followed this routine for seven days, and each time I was convinced I would give up, but the subtle improvements in my skin motivated me to continue. I began to suddenly noticed a smoother texture around my t-zone, and gradually saw improved brightness of my complexion.  The biggest benefit for me was the reduction in my dark spots.  It was like I had a magic wand that allowed me to be an active participant in the improvement of my skin.

In these dog days of summer, skin takes a crazy turn - whether it's from too much sun, late night parties, or smoke exposure - don't let the quality of your skin go down without a fight.  For anyone battling hyperpigmentation, acne induced discoloration, uneven skin tone or dullness, the Clarisonic Sonic Radiant Brightening Solution should be your first line of defense to unlock your brightest complexion ever.

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