How to Fake a Visit to a Seaside Spa

If you’re like us, you obsess over the spa-like benefits of the sea. Now, H2OPlus – the brand that harnesses the power of marine life to deliver innovative and dynamic beauty products – is delivering new ways to unwind and relax with two indulgent new scents.

As a lover of all things lavender, we were excited to try the new Spa Sea Lavender collection. Our hearts fluttered at first sniff, but we wanted to see if the skin care benefits could really transform our skin and senses. The active ingredients are extracts, derived from a flowering marine plant found in saline soil along the Mediterranean Sea side. After a day of testing, we found that the sent was still detectable and our skin was noticeably smoother. The new, paraben-free collection includes a trio products: body wash, skin smoother, and body lotion. Together, they are the perfect trifecta to keep skin scented and nourished throughout the day.

For those who prefer the comforting notes of jasmine, Citrus and spiced vanilla, then you will love the Spa Sea Amber collection. They deliver similar skin care benefits but presents with a warm relaxing sent.

For beauty-lovers-on-the-go, you can scoop up these decadent products in adorable travel sizes for your next trip.

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