Time to Dump your Saggy Old Bras

We live in a busy city, where there's always something going on.  You have to run from work to meet friends, then to your sister’s to borrow a dress, then off to dinner with your man – there just is not time to be fussing with an uncomfortable or under-performing undergarment.

I finally reached my limit after a day of getting stabbed in the back for seven hours by a rogue bra hook that suffered too many cycles in the dryer.

As a full-chested gal, I find that bra shopping is not only infuriating but winds up costing a fortune. Determined to minimize my shopping experience, I went to a nearby department store and sought out a bra-tender who helped me take care of business.

My requirements were comfortable straps, smooth back support, and of course it had to contain my coconuts.

These were the two badass brassieres that won my heart:

During the Day:

What’s to love: Say bye-bye to under arm bulge, because this bra holds in your boulders with elastic-free sides and back for a sleek look under a soft vintage t-shirt or even a silk blouse.  Consider it a $40 boob job, because your knockers will look fit, firm and will stay in place.

Just for fun: This bra has front adjustable straps, which seriously, I don’t know why this hasn’t been invented earlier.  You can actually control your straps without feeling like a contortionist from Cirque Du Soleil.

Necessary for Night:

What’s to love: You can’t just let your hooters hang out, or they will start to feel all saggy.  My conundrum was how to tame my ta-tas without feeling constricted.  My bra-blem was solved with this wire-free version that has thick, cushiony straps that won’t dig into my shoulders.

Just for fun: this bra comes in 4 different colors, so if you are feeling naughty (black), nice (white), chill (smoked pearl) or energized (espresso), there is an option for every mood.

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