How to unblock sunscreen clogged pores.

The statistics on skin cancer and sun damage are terrifying, and as a society we’ve embraced sunscreen, but have you begun to notice some not-so-glamorous effects of SPF on your skin?  Today we’re talking about sunscreen induced pimples and dull skin. 

While sunscreens have come a long way, they still manage to infiltrate your pores.  Plus spending time outside makes you sweat which further contributes to summertime acne. The bottom line is that you need to remove your sunscreen each night.  Leaving it on the skin will not only allow for further, unncessary chemical absorption, but will lead to a duller complexion.

Depending on your age, we are recommending two must-have collections to dissolve daily SPF, while repairing damaged skin.

For girls in their 20s, stick to a skincare regimen that fights acne.  We recommend the proactiv+ three-step treatment because it’s pretty inexpensive and totally effective.  Spending time outdoors kicks up activity in your sweat glands.  Start by cleansing the skin with proactiv+ skin smoothing exfoliator to cut through oil, dirt and other impurities. Then apply a thin layer of the proactiv+ pore targeting treatment to penetrate the pore and kill bacteria.  Last step is to even out the skin with their complexion perfecting hydrator, which moisturizes and balances tone and texture.  This trifecta will help keep skin radiant and pimple-free throughout the summer.
For ladies in their 30s, repair skin while combatting signs of aging.  Our friends at OLEHENRIKSEN, launched a new collection hitting shelves this fall, which will help you reignite the light from within.  The EMPOWER foaming milk cleanser will give your skin a radiance boost while exfoliating away sunscreen and other impurities – a practice the brand is known for.  Then top off your regimen with EMPOWER featherweight moisturizer. We heart this product because it wears light upon the skin while erasing damaging free radicals.

This summer, no matter your age, you don’t have to endure bumpy or unprotected skin.

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