5-Minute Mood Makeover

You know that creeping irritation that pops up when you're in the slowest line at check out, then grows stronger as you're trapped behind slow walkers on the sidewalk, and eventually boils over into fiery rage when your seamless order fails to show up within the estimated timetable? Ahhhh, it's too overwhelming to manage! The good news is that there are a few quick tricks to decrease your frustration and regain your serenity.

1. Decrease your stress from the inside out
Ever hear of Cortisol - it's the stress hormone that floats around in your brain and contributes to weight gain, anxiety and depression. While it's presence is due to evolutionary factors (those healthy warnings to cavemen that dangerous wolves were afoot), we no longer need those intense internal alarms. The best way to hit the snooze button is with deep, belly breaths. Practice a 10-second breath (in through the nose for 4 seconds, and out through the mouth for 6), to decrease the Cortisol in your brain and help your body return to a calmer level of functioning. This technique is most effective if you practice during times of low stress, so you can easily draw on it when you're feeling taxed. Give it a try next time you're waiting in line at the supermarket, and the cashier decides it's more important to check instagram than check you out. 

2. Give yourself a physical pep-talk
Self-care is one of the most important ways to signal to yourself that you value yourself. A physical message of self-compassion can be absorbed into your psyche and allows you to forgive yourself for making mistakes instead of berating yourself for being human. A little bit of makeup can communicate that you are investing in your appearance - plus, brightening yourself up like a shiny penny to boost your self-image. Just in time for the warm weather, It Cosmetics makes a fun palette (with bronzer/blush/highlighter) to compliment all complexions for a sun-kissed look without any risk of sun damage. Their Confidence in Your Glow palette not only delivers a high-wattage glow, but improves the look and texture of your skin. Be kind to yourself and get your glow on. (For a limited time you can get 25% off a $30*)

3. Celebrate!
Find a reason to pay tribute to yourself. Seeking out gratitude and acknowledging it makes positive experiences more pleasurable and lets the effects last longer. Whether you caught 5 green lights in a row, or jumped over a sloshy puddle - give yourself a fist pump in the air, and kick off a celebration!

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