How To Fake a Hot Body...With a Little Help from Spanx

When you want a bangin’ bod, but the prospect of going to the gym is had to work out, here are some tricks to fake a hot body till you make it.

I was introduced to a new line of opaque “Tight-End Tights” that were not only slimming, but stayed up! My largest grievance with leggings and tights is that they slip down, so the crotch chills around my mid-thigh. In fact, sometimes when I’m walking home from work, I just let them fall to see how low they will go before I get t my apartment.

So, not only did these stay up but they held me in. I was satisfied and would definitely purchase another pair (

Spanx has also developed a new bra, Bra-llelujah!, that claims to be the most flattering and comfortable bra you’ll find… The naturally adjusting shoulder and back straps are “made from a unique hosiery fabric that automatically conforms to your body like a second skin, banishing VBL (visible bra lines) and minimizing back fat.”

This description seemed too good to be true – and it was. Unfortunately, I found that the straps did not adjust enough to support my chest, making it incredibly uncomfortable and pointless. While the metal-free harness would probably be great for tall, lean women, it left me looking saggy.

The only way to benefit from this creation would be to tailor the straps, but if I wanted to invest an additional $20 in a bra I could purchase a better one at Nordstrom.

Overall Review: saggy boobs are not attractive, so if you are well endowed in this area, you will not say “hallelujah!” to "Bra-llelujah!"

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