How to Survive the Writer's Strike...

As a child of the '90s one might find it impossible to believe I missed the 90210 craze. At 9 years old my mom prohibited me from watching a show that revolved around wealthy and promiscuous teenagers. So, by the time I was old enough to protest, I had missed the first five seasons and was no longer interested in the lives of people I never knew.

Fast forward 13 years, my boyfriend and I are laying in bed on a Saturday morning and what show do we find? You know it, 90210. I caught the episode right as SoapNET restarted the series, and I was hooked. My DVR was programmed for a series recording and I suddenly found myself infatuated in the romance triangle of Brenda, Kelly and Dylan and the fascinated with the intricate relationships of rest the West Beverly crew.

So if you are looking to fill the void in your television schedule before your favorite shows restart, tune in weekdays at 5 PM to SoapNET and become best friends with the crowd from 90210.

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