Hidden Haven in the Heart of Chelsea

During this Freezing February, lower your heating bill by getting out of your apartment. If you are looking for a fun and free way to spend the afternoon indoors, take the L line to Chelsea Markets (Located at 75 Ninth Avenue between 15th and 16th.)

This one-stop gourmet lover’s world is tucked in the heart of Chelsea and will invigorate your five senses and tantalize your appetite. The building that once housed the New York Biscuit Company is now home to 24 shops and restaurants.

In this complex you can find photo shows that line the walls, live music every weekend and the tango dancing on Saturdays.

Within these art laden walls, I have two favorite spots that will surely to excite your fancy. Both places emit captivating aromas, sell uniquely divine creations and (coincidently!) are perfect for Valentine’s Day.

The first is Ruthy's Baked Goods, which is a gourmet bakery that specializes in 3-D cupcakes. Every time I walk past this spot, I take a deep breath and press my face to the glass windows to checkout the new savory offerings.

The second hotspot is Chelsea Wholesale Flower Market, which sells fresh flowers in impressive arrangements. These beautiful plants are responsible for the floral fragrance that welcomes you into the building. When roaming around, be sure to spend some time here and browse the newest selection in bloom.

So take advantage of the cold and do something fantastic. What’s better than surrounding yourself with gourmet food, flowers, and entertainment? Maybe a boy? – Well, you can bring him along too. After all, who better to share a Valentine’s Day cupcake?

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