How to Break Out of a Beauty Rut

Eyeliner? Check. Nail polish? Check. Lipstick? Check. Shampoo + Conditioner? Check (and check). 

We know you have the basics covered, but when it comes to your beauty routine, ever feel like you are stuck in the lather, rinse, repeat stage? Break out of your rut with these tips and tricks that will jump start your look from banal to bangin’.

Go Bold or Go Home

Ever since we learned how to apply eyeliner we’ve stuck to a standard black pencil.  So to push the boundaries, we decided join Dorothy in the Technocolor world of Oz and give our peepers a pop of color with Smashbox Jet Set Waterproof Eye Liner ($22 at This powerful pot of waterproof gel-liner comes in five shades (other than black) for colorful twist on traditional liners. We loved how smooth and evenly it went on, and after it dried completely, the midnight purple essence became much more vibrant. 
 5-Hours Later Update: The liner lasted the whole night and didn’t budge or smudge - consider us color converts.

Nails in 60 Seconds
Baby Pink polish everyday becomes boring, and when you feel boring, you are boring - there we said it.  We were ready to trade in our safe, old standby for an exhilarating upgrade.  To amp up the electricity, we test drove Sally Hansen INSTA-DRI Fast Dry Nail Color, pictured in Mint Sprint, ($5 at  We felt the rush as soon as we painted on the first coat of this iridescent shade and decided to take it for a spin around town – pretty much because by the time we were done with the first hand, the polish had already dried and set.  Now we are hooked, and recommend this lacquer for a speedy way to change your look (and mood).

Love Your Lips
Give yourself an instant makeover with a pop of pink on your pucker. Be brave and brighten your smile with Maybelline Color Sensational High Shine, pictured in Disco Pink Freeze ($7.50 at This lush lip color is creamy, not sticky, and lasted throughout an entire frozen margarita – making it our top transformation pick. A smile is worth a thousand words, but when you perk up your pout you’ll be hearing words like radiant and dazzling much more often.

Transitive Property of Tresses
Here’s a mathematical fact for all you beauty fanatics: Dull hair = Drab;  Dull hair = You; therefore, You = Drab.  To stimulate your shine, do calculations that make sense and subtract your lackluster locks by adding AVEENO LIVING COLOR Shampoo + Conditioner ($6 at into the equation.  This ridiculously rich combo invigorates color by lifting away impurities to enhance clarity. The exotic smell of the ACTIVE NATURALS lupine botanicals (almost lavender in scent), is exponentially refreshing and will remain with you throughout the day.  To sum it up, there's no logic game or proof that could make it more clear that when looking to overhaul your hair, this line is #1.

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