How to Look Good in No Time

The trick to looking refreshed and invigorated is to give yourself at least 30 minutes of TLC every day.  We know this may be challenging, but we have some fun time saving tricks to help you manage the madness in your life.
#1: Break the Curse of a Closet full of Clothes, but Nothing to Wear!
There’s always an impromptu cocktail party around the corner, but if your credit cards can’t keep up with your social life then check out Rent the Runway.  This is like your virtual sorority sister’s closet, where you can pick out anything you like and borrow it for the night.  This site lets you rent designer duds for a fraction of their retail price, then return them when you are done.   Make your selection and two days later, the dress arrives on your doorstop.  They send two sizes – everything is clean and wrapped in plastic – so there’s no guess work (er, or ANY work) in looking fabulous.  After all, there’s no need to ever show up in the same dress twice.

#2: Protect During the Day, Rejuvenate at Night
Wearing sunscreen during the day is one of the 10 Beauty Commandments, but most of you probably didn’t know that during the night is the best time to rejuvenate your skin.  To restore a radiant complexion in your sleep, apply creams with Retinol that repair damage and breakup your breakouts (by accelerating cellular turnover).  SkinCeuticals Retinol 1.0 is our top pick because it contains 1% pure and is fast an effective.

#3 Or...Another Secret to Stop the Sag: Call the Doctor
If you are really fighting the war with wrinkles, then definitely schedule an appointment to meet with the dermie.  In a recent meeting with dermatologist Dr. Cheryl Karcher, we learned that adding volume to saggy skin makes it appear well rested and reinvigorated.  Her recommended wrinkle remedy was Dysport – an injectible to lightens superficial lines.  While we aren’t ready for “preventative procedures” just yet, we hear this treatment is quick, relatively painless and requires no down time.  Because we are obsessed, we also found out this toxin relaxes the muscles for 4-6 months (unlike some others that leave foreheads frozen!).  Now that we can control time, we would like to roll back the clock on our credit card statements…

#4: Beauty & Fitness, Steals & Deals
When it comes to professional treatments, there is no reason to pay full price.  We discovered LIFEBOOKER, the insider source for discounted beauty, health, and fitness services.  Work the system by searching through a thorough database of services, make your selection, then schedule an appointment online (aka no one in the office will hear you coordinating your Brazilian wax) – and best of all, this site is completely F-R-E-E!  Either sign up for the daily newsletter or search the site for insider steals that you could never find in the local Penny Saver.

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