How to fake a flawless workout

You never know when you will be working out next to your future boss (or boyfriend!) so we’ve worked out the fitness essentials so you can look calm, composed and classy while you get your gym on.

#1: Makeup Is a Must
When at the gym, our core value (always wear lip gloss) applies to eye makeup.  Everyone looks better with bright eyes (plus it takes away from the sweat pouring down your face).  We love CoverGirl LashBlast Volume Mega Volume Waterproof Mascara ($8 at because this waterproof (READ: sweatproof) mascara leaves lashes plump and the short bristle brush grips the folicle from root to tip so no clumps! If you are looking for more fun flair, apply CoverGirl Intense ShadowBlast Primer + Rich Shadow, it stays in place and lasts during an aggressive tredmill session.  Wearing makeup to the gym creates a killer confidence so you can work out harder, smarter and get ahead of the pack.

#2: Never Let Them See You Sweat
We fully support wild workouts, but sweating (and smelling) like a animal is always a deal breaker.  Preempt the sweat by tossing DOVE Ultimate Go Sleeveless Deodorant ($4.50 at in your gym bag and reapply before AND after your workout.  This anti-perspriant is formulated with moisturizers and vitamins E and F to go beyond wetness protection and to replenish nutrients in the underarm’s delicate skin—leaving it softer, smoother and ready for some heavy lifting.

#3: Fitness is Always Fashionable
LIFE MANDATE: Throw out those soffe shorts and ratty team t-shirts from high school.  Then, head over to Lululemon Athletica ( and get some cute fitness apparel.  (Although some pieces are on the pricier side, ultimately you have to spend money to make money.)  Get a few Bulerias Tanks (they hide your bad parts and lets your body breathe) and a few pairs of Turbo Run Shorts (they have adorable pockets, just right for a key and credit card) and you’ll be sure to turn some heads.  After all 90% of the game is looking cute (…or something like that).

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