How to Fake Mr. Perfect

We love us some hot, rugged manly men, but even the sexiest stud is pretty repellant after several hours in the hot summer sun.  Enter female goddess who tames the savage beast and introduces him to the art of grooming.

Since, you know he’ll never buy them for himself, earn some girlfriend points by stocking his bathroom with these manscaping essentials (that you’ll enjoy stealing too!)  

Handsome Lumberjack
We know men love to keep it simple, so give him a subversive facial intervention by placing L’Occitane Cade Juniper Bark Scrub ($24 at usa.loccitane.com) next to his sink –then casually suggest he try before he shaves. This product packs a powerful punch by exfoliating skin, eliminating ingrown hairs and preventing blemishes all inside one handsome bottle.  This is not your grandmother's floral potions or lotions - it smells woodsy, masculine and gives him super strengthen to chop wood in the forest with his shirt off…er, well, that last part’s not true, but we can dream. 

Wanna Get Dirty?
When it comes to his hair (…among other things), he likes it dirty.  Help him achieve that “just rolled out of bed” look with Dirty Hair Styling Cream ($12.95 at www.lushusa.com).  It conditions and softens clean hair but holds style like dirty hair. Made with fair trade coconut oil, linseed gel and balm herb this product has a no-nonsense fragrance of intensely crisp spearmint, thyme and tarragon.  He’ll look so good, that after you get him all cleaned up, you’ll want to make him all dirty again.

Hydration for Aquaman
If you love your man, then do NOT let him use your leg shaving cream on his face.  H2O Oasis Men Precision Shave Hydro Foam ($18 at Ulta.com) smells clean and fresh and will give him the closest (and smoothest) shave yet. This water-light foam deeply nourishes the skin with brown algae, vitamins A, E and pro-vitamin B to hydrate his face and prevent future dryness.  It also has a cool benefit of lifting and lubricating individual follicles for smooth, fast shave - Great Atlantis, he'll look so good you'll want to "Keep Stroking."

Float His Boat
Let's assume that all guys think dousing themselves in cologne (no matter how cheap), means they smell delightful.  Preempt the problem with the fresh, energetic cologne Pure Nautica Discovery ($50 at macys.com).  The scent conjures emotions of passion and zest for adventure.  This is perfect for the man who refuses to be bound by life’s daily grind and finds inspiration in the rough waters and cool breeze.  Don’t overwhelm him (or let him try to save a buck by shopping on Canal Street), just give him a spritz before he leaves the house and let him chart his own course.

Luscious Locks for Prince Charming
Shampoo and conditioner were never intended to be just ONE product, which is why we can’t get enough of  Peter Thomas Roth Mega-Rich™ Shampoo + Conditioner ($18 at www.peterthomasroth.com).  Created with a vitamin-infused formula that nourishes hair with a mega-luxe Biotin B-7 Complex™ and vitamins C, E & pro vitamin B5, hair will feel soft, smooth, stylish and touchable.  So when he complains about the extra step in the shower, just rub your fingers through his hair, give him a sultry kiss and say, “your hair looks so thick today” – trust us, this new step is here to stay.

Skincare Solutions Aussie Style 
If your man manages to come home with bruises and scratches after hanging out with his friends (read: you aren’t in high school, you need to be careful when you play a pick-up basketball game), then you need to keep Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Oil Antiseptic ($6 at Thursdayplantation.com) in his medicine cabinet.  Our pick is straight from the Australia: Thursday Plantation Antiseptic 100% pure Tea Tree Oil.  It naturally cleans out cuts and reduces the possibility of infection (read: no oozing scars) – plus it smells great, so he won’t be offended by other pungent medicinal odor.  We know he’s not a crocodile hunter from the Outback, but this little import will keep his skin healthy and his ego manly.

Rough and Ready
When you have a big event and your man forgot to get a hair cut you’ll be so proud of yourself for buying a Remington Ceramic Blade Hair Clipper ($30 at remingtonproducts.com) Clean up the scruff on the back of his neck with advanced ceramic-coated blade technology.  These self-sharpening clippers promise razor-sharp perfection every time.  It's a win-win: you won't nag him and he still looks like a hottie – it's one of life's great compromises.

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