How to Dominate a Sample Sale

We are all tech-savvy gals, and while it is always more enjoyable to peruse GILT in the privacy of your own cubicle (sales start at noon) we cannot let our sample sale shopping skills fall by the wayside. 

While we recommend reading the New York Times every day, most likely you didn't check out's The Rules Blog: Sample Sales.  

We've recapped the highlights so you can become a sultan of the sale - and get the most bang for your buck.  We've peppered in our own insights to maximize your chances for success:
Rule No. 1: Go early - the lines will be crazy, but the good things go fast (Dyson Fans sold out in 3 minutes at Super Saturday - who would have thought?!)

Rule No. 2: Wear a skirt (so you can slip on pants) and camisole (throw on a shirt) or another quick-change ensemble, preferably with pockets. Leave your bag at the office; you'll have to check it at the door anyway. Excavation requires two hands.

Rule No. 3: Rationalize. Standard sample sale logic goes something like: I didn't need or want this before I saw it, but it's 80 percent off. Which may add up to buyer's remorse - or a present.

Rule No. 4: Go for the unfamiliar or unlikely choices for specific occasions. Ignore the urge to select the current season's print. "My favorites are runway pieces that were dropped," says Eugenia Gonzalez-Ruiz Olloqui, public relations director at Michael Bastian. The best finds are looks that never made the final cut for the show or were sent out but not produced.

Rule No. 5: Budget accordingly. Stella McCartney's sale took place nearly a week after Wang's. Spring's citrus-covered looks, simple denim pieces and horse-printed sweatshirts were among the signatures available from last season. There were whispers of debate on whether or not to wait for the next day's Bottega Veneta sale (both were memos sent throughout Gucci Group).

Just for fun, we've scouered the city and found the following sales (info below) so you can get some practice...and stock up on fall wardrobe essentials:

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