How to Restore Your Thick, Rich Mane

G’morning girls. We are obsessed with helping you become your best self to help you get ahead, so speaking of “a head,” let’s talk about hair loss.

All girls shed, even supermodels like Naomi Campbell, but if you are sick of finding giant clumps of hair in your brush, then let us help you get to the root of the problem.

Have you noticed that the more stressed you are at work, the faster you hair thins? (Always hair getting thinner, never the waistline!) Well, don’t blame your boss, place the blame where it is due: YOUR PARENTS!  

Turns out that while stress can take a toll on your appearance, it is actually hereditary that accounts for 95% of all hair loss (No really, thanks Mom).

We sought out expert celebrity stylist, Thom Priano to give you tress thickening tips on how to repair the hair with minimal effort for maximum impact.

1. Salon Solutions 
There are different ways to cut and style your hair to help it appear thicker,” says Priano. The goal is to add volume, so stick to a layered cut with minimal layers, rather than heavy ones that can look flat. Also consider cutting deep bangs to help mask thinning hair on the top of the head.

2. Magic Potions

For my clients with hair loss, I suggest
WOMEN’S ROGAINE®,” says Priano. It’s the FIRST brand FDA-approved to regrow hair in women and the results are pretty quick. Don’t be intimidated! The stigma about it only exists in your mind (remember Carrie Bradshaw’s reaction when she found Aiden’s stash?), just buy the unscented kind online and no one has to know your secret.

3. Fast Fix-Its
Fine, thinning hair is already fragile and can be further damaged by over washing, over brushing or over combing,” says Priano. In between washes we suggest amping up your hair with Big Sexy Hair Volumizing Dry Shampoo, to absorb dirt, excess oil and create volume. This product offers an added UV protection bonus, which is critical because UV exposure makes hair more brittle and a sunburned scalp means peeling and flaking (ewwww).

4. Finesse the Mess
Try a zig-zag part and a “messy” style to detract from thinning roots. Brush hair back away from the face (using a thick toothed comb), then take a closed “clicky pen” and begin at the front and zig-zag towards the back, and let hair gather on either side of the pen. Then separate the two groups onto their respective sides and crunch the hanging hair for added volume. Set with a light finishing spray that won’t weigh down your hair and you are good to go.

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