How to Fake a Day at the Beach (for your hair)

We don’t like going to the beach, or the ocean, or the sun, or the annoying little kids who throw sand as their parents stand by drinking Bud Light…BUT we LOVE hair that is tousled with beach waves. In the hot weather, this look easily dominates the spiky-pineapple bun (major hair don’t). Because you never know who you’ll meet in the shade under an umbrella, we connected with Andrew Dale, UNITE Hair Care Founder and stylist, who gave us the scoop on how to achieve this natural and easy ‘do.

Dale has reduced the process to five simple steps: 

STEP 1: Start with clean hair fresh from the shower

We Love: Matrix Smooththérapie Shampoo + Conditioner ($10+ each at at because it controls frizz in humidity and replenishes moisture to create a healthy foundation.

STEP 2: Apply a spritz of detangler damp hair, and spread throughout strands from root to tip and allow hair to air-dry
Insider Tip: Look for a detangling spray that will nourish and protect hair from UV rays and damage from heat-styling tools.

We Love: No Frizz Wave Curl Spray ($26 at because it has a quick-absorbing, weightless formula that eliminates frizz and adds shine.

STEP 3: Next, create volume and texture that will produce the ‘tousled’ and ‘undone’ look, by using a volumizing product that will not add weight to hair.
We Love: UNITE Expanda Dust ($26.25 at because it has a translucent powder dissipates into hair to thicken it, giving body all over.

STEP 4: Then, use a 2 inch curling iron, take random sections and curl alternating from front to back, for a piece-y look.

STEP 5: Finish off by using hands to separate the curls so they’re slightly undone, and finish with a setting spray that will give hold and shine
We Love: UNITE Tricky Lite ($31 at because it is a hair spray wax that leaves hair light, mobile and smells good too!

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