How to Fight the Wrinkles You Don't Have Yet

An article in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal (NOTE: you should be reading the Journal everyday, but if you can’t get it together – Thursday’s edition of the ‘Personal Journal’ is the section for beauty / fashion / fitness) – anyway, as I was saying, the article (to view click here) featured a quote from Sephora’s VP of Retail Marketing Allison Slater which read, “We now have clients in their early 20s shopping in the anti-aging category.”

So we ask you, are you feeling like it’s never too early to start? Well don’t be shocked, but the marketing executives at the big beauty corporations are targeting our demographic. Despite their malintent, it turns out that beginning an anti-aging regimen in your 20s WILL in fact, postpone the effects of aging as well as “de-stress” the skin (c’mon you can all use a little de-stressing in your life).

It’s the end of the (fine) line and we won’t let you fall victim to seductive advertisements that promise the fountain of youth. Instead we have our top picks to help you incite your own wrinkle revolution (with a few added benefits for now): 
The article also acknowledges claims that certain algae extract, “Demonstrate the ability to increase cell regeneration and reduce inflammation while protecting from UV light damage.” Skeptical? You can explore the sea-based benefits yourself in StriVectin-TL™ Tightening Face Serum and Neck Cream ($89 each at StriVectin). This dynamic duo contains algae that protects against oxidative stress while tightens and strengthens tired skin to restore a natural radiance. Strap on your lifejacket and get ready to sea youthful, healthy results
According to Eastern Medicine practices, White Lotus is a powerful herbal remedy that provides deep hydration and protection to the skin. Instead of sending you to China, you can find this impactful ingredient in Wei East White Lotus Defining Moment Correcting & Finishing Serum ($38 at We love it because not only does it seal in moisture, but it also provides a smooth, elegant surface for makeup. Fortified with anti-oxidants to fight free radicals and pollutants, this serum attacks wrinkles like a Chinese Martial Artist.

Get most out of your makeup with Bye Bye Under Eye from It Cosmetics ($24 at This full coverage waterproof concealer was developed by leading plastic surgeons in Brazil – a country known for their parties and plastic surgery. (read: “Oh hey Gisele Bundchen, funny running into you on Copacabana Beach…”). They combined Vitamins K, A, C, E and anti-aging ingredients for an innovative cocktail that is clinically proven to reduce under eye puffiness and discoloration while strengthening the delicate skin of the under eye area. Listen, you might think you look good now, if you are going to wear concealer anyway, you may as well get the most bang for your buck.

We want to hear from you - what do you think about waging a war on wrinkles in your 20s? 

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