Arch Rivals: Where to Get the Best Brow Shaping

Ladies, it is the time of year when everyone is getting plucked, tweezed and threaded all the time.  Keep in mind, getting your hooha waxed in the back room of a nail salon is one thing (if you don't mind DOUBLE DIPPING!) but anything north of your neck, leave it to the professionals.

Throughout the summer, we have brought our bushy brows to NYC's "Best of the Best"* and are happy to share our findings:
        *according to our friends
Benefit Brow Bar – Bloomingdale's Soho 1000 Third Ave
Nestled into the corner in the heart of Bloomingdale's cosmetics country sits the pink & pretty alcove of Benefit.  We walked in for a clean up (er, we didn't think our brows were that bad), but it turns out our arches were far from golden.  After a quick consultation, we went for the wax.  The hair removal process was quick and (relatively) painless and followed by some makeup touchups to mask the redness with Benefit Concealer Erase Paste ($29).  For $21 we had a good experience, but what we learned at the end made the entire trip worth our while: BENEFIT is opening a free standing store in Soho on September 15th!  
ONE WEEK LATER: The hairs are beginning to grow back but the shape looks great and we are still happy with the results. 
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Boom Boom Brow – 35 7th Avenue btw. 12/13 (click here to schedule an appointment)
If you are looking for a rockin' wax, then Boom Boom Brow is your jam.   This not your grandma's salon, tucked into a small space in the West Village, it is decorated in a vintage, feminine vibe with comfortable seats and a crazy cool chandelier in the middle of the room.  We loved the menu it is brilliant and hilarious (especially when we read it to our guy friends and tried to treat them to a "Back, Sack and Crack" waxing - UPDATE: they declined the generous offer).  Anyway, we booked a lunchtime appointment and didn't have to wait when we arrived.  After sneaking in a few more giggles at the menu ("Landing Strip Wax: Fly the Friendly Thighs") we talked shop.  My eyebrow expert told me the strategy was to fill in some holes and wax away the ruffage.  We had a ball (er, discoball) and for $20 bucks it's definitely worth it (if that's too steep, just take the subway there and back).
ONE WEEK LATER: We miss our new friends at BOOM BOOM BROW, and probably won't need to go back for a few more weeks.  The "hole" is growing in and the rest of the arch looks clean.
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Uni K Wax Center – 553 3rd Ave btw. 36/37
For those of you living in Murray Hill (we’ll give you a hard time about that later) and need a quick wax, definitely check out this spot.  We had an appointment, but in the past, we have also walked in and only waited 5-10 minutes.  It is a quick and clinical procedure – not to much talking or a gentle bedside manner.  The waxing was easy and my technicians listened to my request (although we would have preferred some guidance, after all, we aren’t the expert).  On that day, we were feeling like a sissy and found that the “ouchless” wax was pretty painful.  It was a good wax, but we'd only go back if we are in the area.
ONE WEEK LATER: While we were complainers at the time, we ended up really liking the wax.  The brows are looking smooth and tame and somehow makes our eyes look brighter.
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