How to Get your Coffee with a Side of Culture

Since we are all about sharing our fave tips & tricks to help you get ahead we are going to let you in on a delicious west side secret: Billy's Bakery.

Yes we know the cupcake phenomenon is nothing new, but we needed a coffee fix and wow, did this little gem give us an afternoon pick-me-up.

Really, all we wanted was some coffee, but the overpowering aroma of freshly baked confections and the sight of that rich, decadent frosting mixed with festive sprinkles left us powerless – we were in deep.  Before even walking up to the counter to place the order, our glucose level was higher than Charlie Sheen on a Friday night.  We got the shakes, our mind got foggy and we were drooling all over the place, siiiigh, we didn’t even need the coffee anymore.  We settled on a Yellow Daisy cupcake with pink frosting (classic yellow butter cake flavored with pure vanilla extract) and a cup-o-joe then perused the NY Post to catch up on our city's recent events.

Anyway, the point of this post is to let you know that in addition to sending us into a home baked haze, Billy’s Bakery has an adorable seating nook that is perfect for friendly conversation.

Need a place to bring a casual date or tentative colleague?  This is your spot – it shows you are fun, adventurous and enjoy youthful indulgences.  Plus it is in the heart of Chelsea, so if you decided to keep the party going and want to go somewhere more age appropriate, then you don't have to look too far - you are surrounded by great local bars.

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